Showcase your Design Excellence with the 2022 SEGD Global Design Awards

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We always say that the SEGD Global Design Awards showcase ‘design excellence’ but what does that look like?  Well, recently we gave the SEGD Global Design Awards website an upgrade, and now these standard-setting projects are displayed in a more streamlined and engaging way!

In June of 2021 SEGD revealed a test site, which is a start to developing the new website for the organization, and included the SEGD Global Design Awards as the content focus.

The intention is to design a more agile and inspiring SEGD website. We reorganized the content, created a more user-friendly interface and improved the overall quality of design. To make the site more user-friendly, we elevated the content to make visitors feel more immersed within the stories and visuals. We also structured the test site in a way that allows organic exploration, yet provides visitors with a streamlined navigation option for easier searches.

Take a look at the test site here, or view the videos below!


Found in Translation


Seat at the Table


Western Australia Museum


Arctic Adventure


Want your work to be recognized as “design excellence’ and displayed on the SEGD Global Design Awards website? Submit your project(s) to the 2022 SEGD Global Design Awards TODAY! Final deadline is Friday, February 25, 2022 at 11:59pm EST