Shockingly Surprising Ways You’ll Be Inspired at Xlab 2019

Read Time: 2 minutes

You know Xlab 2019 is about design + technology in creating an experience and place. You know you’ll hear about the latest digital tools and platforms being used to connect people and palce. You know you’ll keep yourself on the leading (not following!) edge of your profession by taking part in the conversation. But you may not know these five surprising ways that you’ll be inspired at Xlab 2019!

1. Xlab is not just about the future; it’s also about the RIGHT NOW.

You’ll see how digital technology is revolutionizing your profession AND accquire real-world, right-now ideas you can use in your next project. 

2. Our keynote, Jim Gilmore, is a big deal!

We’re talking about the guy who literally wrote the book that garnered global interest in experience design, customer experience management, and experiential marketing. (Don’t believe us? Give his book, The Experience Economy,a read.) As an author, speaker and management advisor to organizations around the globe, James H. Gilmorehas built a career around helping to provide innovative ways in which to create customer value and new revenue. This is one keynote you won’t want to miss.

3. It’s not about the technology de jour—it’s about the possiblies and what they mean to YOU.

At Xlab 2019, you’ll hear about why experience counts, the present state of experiential design, how education is changing to new needs, and the future of experiential environments. Such topics will be covered by firms like, ESI Design, JLL Inc., Potion, C&G Partners, OST, upLIGHT Design and many more. But beyond this year’s excellent crop of speakers, you’ll discover that these discussions present infinite possibilities for you and your practice. Who’s going to create that next breakthrough and what effect will it have on the EGD landscape? Let’s explore together!

4. Real connection is SO worth the trip.

Emails and social media are great (and, yes, you can do it all on Skype). But in our sometimes isolating, sometimes crazy-making world, there’s no substitute for getting away from your computer and making that human connection. At Xlab 2019, you’ll find friendly folks you’ll want to meet, socialize with, and collaborate with on your next project. There’s also a social hosted by SEGD’s NYC chapter. (Yes!)

5. November is (hands down) THE best month to visit New York City.

Incredible shopping. Food. Museums. Shows. Holiday windows. What more could you ask for? It’s our second year at the BRIC Arts | Media House venue in Brooklyn, NY and if you’ve never been, it’s worth the trip. Plus, optional project tours on Thursday, Nov. 7 will take you to studios and project sites all over Manhattan.

Time to get your inspiration on at Xlab 2019. Sign up today!

A special thanks to our Xlab presenting sponsors, AVIXAand DCL.