SEGD’s 2023 Top 5 Experience Design Trends

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We crowdsourced our SEGD design community for their forecast of top design trends. As leaders in our experiential design field, SEGD’s community inherently molds the future of design and storytelling.  

Check out SEGD’s 2023 Top 5 Experience Design Trends:

1. More is more!

Minimal, neutral, and quiet are out. Bold, maximal, and color are back in. From retail to workplace, bring on the color! 

2. Local is Way in

With the pandemic causing drastic shifts to workplace and lifestyle standards,  clients are looking to offer a micro sense of community by highlighting local character and culture in their environments. From custom murals created by local artists, to community engagement to inform and drive design and storytelling efforts, these integrations are working to rebuild, reinvent and redefine a sense of place. 

3. Embracing Analog

There is an uptick in a desire to create cost effective, analog experiences to create impact and connections outside of the digital-world.

4. Amplifying Diversity + Inclusivity

Diversity in bodies and identity – LGBTQ, differently abled, race, religion, neurodiversity and more –  will inherently increase within content creation, marketing materials, imagery, spatial experiences, and within supporting signage and communication tools. 

5. Designing Safe Spaces

A physical environment impacts one’s sense of identity, worth, dignity, and privacy. Increased considerations for neurodiversity and trauma-informed design within spaces is predicted to be an integral part of schools, offices, hospitals and event venues. Designers and clients are looking to integrate supportive and healing environments. Sensory rooms, for example, are intentionally designed safe spaces which often use stimuli such as lights, colors, sounds, and aromas to calm, develop, and engage senses to aid in focusing attention.