SEGD Vanguards

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Honoring the people who are doing incredible, visionary, meaningful work—right now.

Just as the SEGD Global Design Awards recognize excellence across the spectrum of design, and Achievement Award winners constitute SEGD’s commitment to excellence in our field of practice, there’s a new way to recognize those whose meaningful work is creating a better world through design, today.

Throughout this last year and a half, we’ve seen an incredible shift in global consciousness and the ways in which our community has responded and reacted to change, uncertainty and crisis—and answered a global call to create positive change through design. During this time, some stand out designers have shown incredible commitment, leadership, creativity and compassion. Their example creates a model for all of us to follow, and they deserve our recognition as SEGD Vanguards.

This is an opportunity to recognize, amplify and celebrate the designers and practitioners who are making a real difference—right now. Starting with the Wayfinding + Placemaking discipline, each list recognizes the most influential visionary practitioners, whose work throughout the past year has impacted their discipline—creating a more connected and inclusive world, by pioneering new ways of seeing the design process, methods, innovations—and more.

Join SEGD on Thursday, June 24 at 2:00 pm ET as we kick off the inaugural year of SEGD Vanguards. Tomorrow, we celebrate FIVE visionary designers, who we believe embody the meaning of the word: Vanguard.

Who are the 2021 SEGD W+P Vanguards?

You have to join us to find out!

If you are attending the Wayfinding + Placemaking workshop, be sure to attend the last session of the day, starting at 2 pm ET through Zoom. For all others, you can join this presentation of Vanguards for FREE via Facebook Livestream. Tune in here.

Thank you to the  W+P committee for their work to curate, deliberate, and select the final list of Vanguards. The committee includes Despina Macris of Dotdash (Committee Chair), Baarish Date of Graphics Beyond, Linzi Eggers of Cloud Gehshan Associates, Cybelle Jones of SEGD, and Gary Stemler of Archetype.

Thank you to our 2021 SEGD W+P Vanguards sponsor, Archetype.