SEGD Love Stories – Chapter Chair Style

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In honor of Valentine’s week, SEGD wants to share the love back. This week, we are highlighting four of our SEGD Chapter Chairs. Our organization would not be possible without the dedication, support, organization and passion that all our Chapter Chairs pour into these volunteer roles. Our SEGD Chapter Chairs develop, plan and facilitate unique, inclusive and inspiring programming for our members. They harness the essence of SEGD bringing our community directly to YOU at a local level. They build and energize our community across the globe by connecting experiential designers, creatives, educators, fabricators and thought leaders – encouraging them to experience the world of SEGD!

Zach Kotel, Ashton Design, Senior Designer 

SEGD Denver Chapter Co-Chair

SEGD has been paramount to my career journey and personal success as a designer. I have made so many friends, mentors and professional connections, I cannot oversell its value enough. Through my professional career and exposure to new ideas, thinkers and leaders through SEGD, it has led me to pioneer a placemaking project in my own community with the founding of the Queer Community Cultural District of Denver, a newly formed non-profit 501(c)(3). This process is currently underway and is all about connecting people to place, designing inclusive spaces, and vice versa.

Kayte Muse, Kayte Muse Creative, Founder

SEGD Boston Chapter Co-chair

Many of us experiential graphic designers are self taught. We come from a variety of educational backgrounds and skill sets. Back in the early days of my design journey, SEGD provided invaluable resources of inspiration and education to me! Having access to webinars, award winning projects and industry professionals helped me see possibilities for my career path that I didn’t know existed. Today, as a chapter co-chair, I continue to share SEGD as an important resource to students not only as a community for design but also as a place to discover the many avenues of design work that we can participate in.

Chris McCampbell, CannonDesign, Senior Associate Designer

SEGD San Diego Chapter Co-chair

When I was a young designer coming out of college and entering the field, I struggled with a lack of confidence – not sure if I could make this a true career, not confident in my skills, and shy in front of clients and colleagues. Joining SEGD and forcing myself to be out in this community really boosted my confidence and passion in this field. Meeting other members who are also so friendly and passionate about their work has been infectious. I’m an SEGD Member to this day because I believe the camaraderie and collaboration in this organization is incredible, and so important to the vitality of this field. I love what I do, and with the support of a community like SEGD, it is all the more fulfilling.

Mo Khalfan, Archetype National Sales Executive 

SEGD Los Angeles Chapter Co-Chair

I joined SEGD very early on in my career. I attended my first conference and NEXPO in Portland in 2000 at only 19 years old. The way the group welcomed me was absolutely heartwarming. I grew up with these people. While learning about the industry and meeting the players, I made sure to stay involved and use the resources that SEGD has available to us. 

Over a decade later, I left NYC and moved to LA. It was a big change, I was in a new place and didn’t know anyone. What did I do? I went to the SEGD website to look for the local chapter and to my surprise LA wasn’t listed. I immediately reached out to SEGD and learned there was no one leading the chapter at the time. I like a good challenge so I put my name in. 

In August of 2014, I was selected to help bring the LA chapter back with Kris Helmick. Eight wonderful years later, I continue to co–chair the LA Chapter and have been heavily involved with SEGD. It has even created connections that led to my role with the team at Archetype. 

I’m so happy to say that many of the people I’ve met over the past 22 years through SEGD have become close friends of mine. This group is very special. They are truly welcoming and so inclusive of everyone! 

Today I say “I love you SEGD! I can’t wait to celebrate 50 with you all this year!”

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