SEGD Fellow Committee Update

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A legacy of 43 SEGD Fellows has distinguished our organization as the foremost in environmental and experiential design, exemplifying both innovation and excellence. SEGD established the Fellow Award in 1987 and every year recognizes the profession’s laureates: those who are honored for their outstanding and significant contributions to the field over time.

As the new CEO, it seemed timely to survey the SEGD Fellows and review the existing nomination criteria, submission requirements and selection process. In doing so, we established an updated protocol guided by a newly formed SEGD Fellow Committee as of December 2020. This committee met and vetted the prior process and has formed a new set of criteria and process that has been put in place for our SEGD 2021 Fellow nomination.


To evaluate and recommend a new SEGD Fellow Award nomination process and selection protocol, starting in 2021 and moving forward. The Fellow Committee may review, update, and evolve the process on an annual basis.

Key outcomes were the following:

  • Update the Fellow nomination process
  • Define criteria for submission of nominees
  • Clarify the process for evaluating nominees and selecting Fellows
  • Change the title from the SEGD Fellow Award to the SEGD Fellow

Note: The SEGD Fellow Committee will rotate members every year after the Achievement Awards are concluded. The committee will be comprised of the current SEGD President, SEGD’s CEO, the Achievement Award Chair, one SEGD long standing member (non-fellow), the previous years SEGD Fellow(s) and 4 SEGD Fellows

The 2021 SEGD Fellow Committee:

Anna Crider, Entro, SEGD President
Cybelle Jones, CEO, SEGD
Lucy Holmes, Holmes-Studio, SEGD 2021 Achievement Awards Chair
Edwin Schlossberg, ESI, SEGD 2020 Fellow
Chris Calori, Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Entro, SEGD Fellow
Patrick Gallagher, G&A, SEGD Fellow
Wayne Hunt, Hunt Design, SEGD Fellow
Michael Reed, Mayer Reed, SEGD Fellow
Leslie Wolke, MapWell  Studio, SEGD

SEGD Fellow

For promoting the highest values in environmental and/or experiential graphic design and significantly contributing to the direction and growth of the field.
SEGD Fellows are the laureates of environmental and/or experiential graphic design, recognized for creating a body of work and design leadership that epitomizes the highest standards of practice in the field.


  • Nominees should represent the highest standards in the professional practice of environmental and/or experiential graphic design
  • Nominees must have proven design excellence (minimum of 10 years), shown in their body of work in environmental and/or experiential graphic design, or have made substantial contributions in leadership, education, research, strategy or other areas related to environmental and/or experiential graphic design
  • Nominees should demonstrate thought-leadership, leading positive change in our industry through a focus on areas such as innovation, inclusivity and sustainability


  • All SEGD members and SEGD Fellows are welcome to nominate a Fellow here
  • Include the name, contact information (email, address, phone) of the nominee including their bio and resume. If available include their website, or online profile/portfolio
  • Leadership teams may be nominated together. In doing so, each member of the team must have their own contact information and bio included in the submission
  • Include a 150-300 word narrative describing the rationale for electing this nominee
  • Include supporting recommendations from others in the field, or peer testimonials
  • Describe nominee’s relationship to SEGD


  • After the annual submission deadline, SEGD staff will review submission materials to ensure that they are complete and provide the SEGD Fellow Committee with the list of nominees and supporting nomination materials
  • The SEGD Fellow Committee will convene to review and discuss the nominees. After individual review of the nominees and group discussion, the committee will put forward a recommendation(s) for the SEGD Board to review and approve or reject
  • The SEGD Board, advised by the Fellow Committee will vote to approve or decline the recommendation of the committee. It is up to the SEGD Board to accept the recipient(s), which could be multiple recipients or no recipients in any given year


Cybelle Jones,