SEGD 2021 Wayfinding + Placemaking – Global Dialogues

“Our work as designers is truly a universal language—visual, pictorial, experiential.” Despina Macris, Director DOTDASH, SEGD Board Member, and Co-Chair of the SEGD 2021 Wayfinding + Placemaking Symposium

We design and build experiential spaces that connect people to place in myriad meaningful ways. Now that many of our work practices have shifted virtual, taking projects in any city, region or country has become more accessible than ever. But how do we, as EGD practitioners, ensure we understand, respect, and represent  local cultures appropriately through our work?

The globalization of design has been evolving over the past half-century but has rapidly accelerated due to the recent pandemic. We are increasingly aware of the opportunities this provides designers to be exposed to and inspired by the fusion of different cultures and, at the same time, respectful of how language, color, form, and context are tools to enhance or alter the connection with end-users.

The 2021 Wayfinding + Placemaking Symposium will bring together innovators and award-winning experiential designers who are working across the globe to create meaningful experiences that connect people to place. Looking at projects from airports and education campuses to corporate headquarters and public spaces, we will reflect on design through a dynamic cultural lens.

Sessions and roundtables will provoke conversations around cultural sensitivities and nuances, while exploring processes and design solutions that build meaningful connections and thoughtful representation.

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