SEGD 2021 Management + Leadership Summit

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Right now we all could use a little help from our friends at SEGD!  This year’s SEGD Management + Leadership Summit is packed with tools, take-aways and creative thinking to help you sustain and accelerate your business potential through 2021 and beyond!

This past year has certainly posed challenges to everyone in our SEGD community, and we wanted to curate this 2021 M+L Summit with that in mind. So we have brought together experts that will share proven techniques to help monitor your fiscal, mental and creative culture and health.

A preview of our three summit keynote speakers focusses on real-life business coaching and highlights that the time and advice of these leaders are well worth the price of the event alone.

Effective Proposal and Pricing Strategies
Wednesday, March 24th, 3:30 – 4:30pm ET
Emily Cohen, Design Business Consultant, Author and Speaker

This talk will focus on evaluating, defining and landing on a way to differentiate your firm or services within a highly saturated market. During our time together, we will evaluate how you can look at your business from a 30,000-foot view and the questions you should be asking, including  the pro’s and con’s of being a generalist versus a specialist.

Not so subtle hint: this session will make a strong case for specialization and help you navigate all the perceived challenges and concerns you may have of taking a stand on who you are, who you work with and/or what you do. This talk will give you some food for thought as you begin to explore your positioning and what happens next.

Your Prosperity Playbook
Thursday, March 25th, 12:15 – 1:00pm ET
Mackey McNeill, CPA, PFS, Founder, Author, Transformation Maven – Mackey

It’s perfectly normal to wince a bit when the accountant comes into your office to give you a detailed review of their latest spreadsheet. They speak accounting and you speak English. How do you bridge the gap? Join this engaging conversation on the 5 steps to creating a prosperous business.

In this session we will cover:

  • Balancing head and heart
  • Making finance a team sport
  • Circles matter in finance too
  • Looking wrong
  • Building a financial tool box

Accelerating Your Leadership Potential
Thursday, March 25th, 1:00 – 1:45pm ET
Ebony Smith, Executive Coach and Founder of Ebenum Equation

Balance — it’s what determines success and defines a leader.  Without it, we struggle to preserve routines and over-exert ourselves in activities that roadblock our growth. Resilient leaders aren’t born, they’re meticulously created through practice and reflection. 

In this workshop, we’ll break down the strategic processes of design thinking and build a sufficient framework for self-management. You’ll understand the different variables that affect your progress and learn how to successfully power your own self-accelerator by:

  • Identifying and embodying leadership values
  • Creating a strategy map and planning for sustainable success
  • Achieving balance between your personal life and career
  • Shifting your perspective and re-channeling your energy 
  • Designing a personal reset retreat

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a wellspring of advice from over 15 leaders and recharge your wisdom index for planning productive and financially sound design management solutions.

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