SEGD 2021 Management + Leadership Summit Speaker Preview

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Just two weeks away, our Leadership + Management event is an opportunity to recharge and rethink our models for the future of our design practices and organizations. Many of our presenters, such as Flavia Sparacino, PhD, have embraced change and are helping us understand the importance as leaders to evolve our methodologies and culture of work.

Here’s a sneak peak at her talk on Wednesday March 24th at 3:45pm ET/12:45pm PT

The Future of Work: new emerging design principles

While prior to the pandemic, working from home was considered exceptional, several companies have recently announced that some of their teams will become permanently remote. This suggests a future of work in which companies will have on-site workers on a rotating basis only when and where necessary. Hybrid teams that include at-home and onsite team members will be the norm.

Hence, as designers, scientists, researchers, managers, leaders, and technologists, we now need to revisit space-making and ubiquitous computing principles with a unified approach that blends presence online and onsite.
In her interactive presentation, supported by live polls and examples of emergent solutions, Sparacino will outline the four principles that she has identified as essential for designing future work environments and associated technology stacks:

  • situatedness
  • embodiment
  • human scale
  • calm empowerment

To illustrate these pandemic-inspired design principles, she will also briefly describe how she is currently future-proofing her design and technology practice.

Flavia Sparacino, PhD, is the head of Sensing Places, an MIT Media Lab spinoff that designs and produces innovative museum exhibits, corporate showrooms, retail stores and large-scale interactive installations using cutting-edge media design, immersive and interactive technologies.

She is a prolific inventor and was granted by MIT thirteen technology licenses for her inventions, one of the highest number of intellectual property licenses that MIT ever awarded.

Her work has been publicized by the international press and television in eight different languages. Leveraging her multi-year experience as immersive designer, Sparacino recently launched a technology venture called BEAM Conference that focuses on the future of work and bridges the gap between at-home and onsite workers.

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