Revisiting Past Branded Environments: New Uploads on SEGD’s YouTube page

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Thinking about joining SEGD’s next event, Branded Environments? On the fence about if you should register or not? Here is a sneak peek at what Branded Environments is all about! Check out some videos from previous Branded Environments events on our new YouTube page to get a taste of what you’ll hear at this year’s event.

2015 Branded Environments Workshop – Be Playful

There is a time and place to be playful when creating a brand … but do you know when that is? Lucy Holmes explores when it is appropriate to use playfulness in branding and what it might look like.

2017 Branded Environments – Design For Sport – Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith of Infinite Scale talks about creating Infinite Scale and branding for sports venues using the Levi Stadium in San Francisco (home of the 49ers football team) and the historic Levi jeans branding as a case study. This includes team, venue, partner, and event brand layering. Branding for venue wayfinding and multi-use systems is also discussed.

2018 SEGD Branded Environments: Global Impact – Brand Building for Innovative Place

Simon Hancock and Charlie Bromley of Australia-based THERE present their talk “Magic & Logic,” two words that help to describe the way they start to create branded environments, and how they use a combination of left brain and right brain thinking to creatively solve design challenges. Within that overall topic, there are four main elements: storytelling, navigation, activation, and playfulness. Simon and Charlie talk through these four elements and show how they’ve become considerations in the way brand environments.

This year’s Branded Environments event will feature:

  • Stuart Fox, 2021 Branded Environments co-chair, Stuart Fox Consulting
  • Bruce Leonard, Michael Smith and Donna Oetzel, Streetsense
  • Marquise Stillwell, Openbox
  • Cheryl Catterall, Moment Factory
  • Jessica Beck, Gensler
  • Elizabeth Ward, Ware Malcomb
  • Primo Orphilla, Studio O+A
  • Chad Hutson, Leviathan
  • Joanne Rarangol, Designtex
  • Fitgi Saint-Louis, Senior Brand + Experience Creative
  • And more!

You can view these videos and more on our brand new YouTube page. Don’t miss SEGD’s only event purely focused on brand experiences that transform engagement within public spaces. Make sure you grab your ticket to 2021 Branded Environments today!