Present Yourself is Back!

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Returning for a second year, SEGD’s Present Yourself provides graduating design students with portfolio reviews and professional mentoring, all happening in real-time.

“Present Yourself” is SEGD’s annual event connecting students to their future careers and providing mentorship opportunities for professionals to engage the next wave of talent.

This year’s event will be virtual and take place on May 20 and May 27 via Zoom. On those two days, graduating design students will meet SEGD professionals for candid portfolio reviews and career advice.

“Last year’s event allowed us to connect over 60 students around the globe with professionals practicing in Experiential Graphic Design to present their work and receive professional feedback and career advice,” says SEGD Chapter Liaison Kris Helmick. “We are back this year and excited to connect with students and designers new to the field of EGD.”.

Design leaders from across the country and around the world will support student members as they get ready to enter the design world full-time starting with 15-minute sessions. Together, they’ll review capstone projects, discuss presentation pointers, and share career insights.

“Present Yourself fills a professional development need for students where they, our design future, can meet global industry professionals, their mentors and design heroes,” says Helmick.

Reviewers will select their availability and sign up for one or more two-hour sessions. SEGD will then send a link to join a virtual room (via Zoom) where professionals will meet their mentees. Sessions will be recorded, and later edited for pearls of wisdom that may help any student or newly minted designer entering the EGD field. Post-meeting, students will complete the process by adding their resumes to SEGD JOBS, where potential employers can post positions or purchase a “Resumes Only” package.

SEGD will accept reviewer and student applications for both sessions in May, however, time slots are limited! In order for students to participate, they must become SEGD Members—for just $30 a year—and post their resume to the SEGD JOBS board that is visible to all job posters.

Professionals, for more information on how to become a reviewer, click here.

Students, for more information on how to submit your portfolio and resume for review,

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