Prep Your Projects for the 2023 SEGD Global Design Awards!

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The 2023 Entry Portal for SEGD’s Global Design Awards is open for entries! Start your curation process and get ahead of the curve by prepping your bespoke experience design projects. 

“The SEGD Global Design Awards are the most recognized, celebrated and referenced awards in experiential design,” says Cybelle Jones, CEO of SEGD. “The awards drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to our website annually and become benchmarks for companies in search of hiring the best EXD firms in the world.”

A multi-disciplinary jury—including clients, users and students—representing a diversity of design disciplines will evaluate projects based on their effectiveness in connecting people to place, creating a unique and memorable user experience, and solving the client’s objectives and design challenges.

Jurors of the 2023 SEGD Global Design Awards will recognize exemplary projects with “Honor” and “Merit” awards. The coveted “Best of Show” award represents the highest honor, and will be selected from the Honor awards group. 2023 will mark the 11th year for the “Sylvia Harris Award,” which recognizes a project addressing the accessibility of design, and enhancement of communication for the project in the public realm.

Last year, the jury selected “The Tactile of History” as 2022’s “Best of Show.” The Tactile of History is a commemorative monument in Riga, Latvia, linking the present day with tragic historical events: the repressions committed by the Soviet occupying regime against the Latvian people. The jury honored SEGD member firm Design Studio H2E with this top award.

“This memorial to the victims of totalitarianism powerfully combines tactility and abstraction with the amplified realism of the recreated handkerchief,” commented one juror. “Beautiful, striking, and speaking to our current moment! For Remembrance.”

Jury members selected “The Tactile of History” from a contingent of over 300 other outstanding projects submitted by SEGD members. Of these projects, 12 received Honor awards and 26 Merit awards.

The Sylvia Harris Award is named in honor of Sylvia Harris (1953–2011), a pioneer in social impact design. This special SEGD award recognizes those designers who honor and continue Harris’ legacy. The 2022 Sylvia Harris Award recognized “Society’s Cage,” a bold interpretive installation that challenges visitors to reckon with America’s long history of racial injustice and white supremacy. With a design rooted in statistical facts, it is at once unsettling and uplifting, a place to raise awareness, build empathy, and provide sanctuary for contemplation and healing. 

The SEGD 2023 Global Design Awards nomination portal is opening soon and receiving submissions in seven different practice categories:

1.  Branded Environments

2.  Digital Experiences

3.  Exhibition

4.  Placemaking

5.  Public Installation

6.  Strategy/Research/Planning

7.  Wayfinding

The early deadline for submissions is January 31, 2023. We will host an SEGDVoices webinar in January focusing on winning entry strategies, providing tips and guidance on how to best curate the narrative for your bespoke experience design projects. Keep an eye out for additional details on this webinar, as well as the jury announcement, the late submission deadline and entry portal information.

The Global Design Awards Jury is looking forward to reviewing the best in experiential design. Remember that projects that were submitted previously and did not receive an award can be resubmitted for up to three years from the project’s opening date. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your talents, creativity and impact.

“If you win the top design awards, you will attract new clients and talent to your firm,” explains Jones. “The SEGD Global Design Awards reflect excellence in design and innovation year after year, that’s why we see submissions from the most creative and innovative designers around the globe.”

Enter your project in the 2023 SEGD Global Design Awards TODAY!