“Outside In” podcast

Read Time: 1 minute

Throughout August 2020, SEGD members participated in the organization’s annual Exhibition + Experience event. Titled “How Soon Is Now? Designing Change,” the symposium responded to the tumultuous events of that year. The event’s co-chair, Joel Krieger (Senior Director of Design, Magic Leap, previously of Second Story), helped to curate a roster of speakers and stories for how design can be used as a tool for positive change.

A year later, those discussions have evolved into a new podcast hosted by Joel and his colleague, Pavani Yalla. “Outside In” explores the stories of interdisciplinary creators who design for change, with each episode revealing the “strategies, insights and techniques for transformative experience design.” Their aim is to reveal design insights in unexpected places, featuring a diverse array of guests across the creative spectrum. The podcast’s explainer episode, “Design For Change,” succinctly introduces listeners to the project, while the first episode, The Wilderness Inside, sets the tone for the series.

This summer’s E+E event — titled “Designing Change: Unlearning and Relearning” — picks up where last August’s event left off. And as the event draws closer (August 4 – 5), SEGD would like to give a shout-out to both Joel and Pavani for their contributions to the field. We encourage our community to explore this podcast as a companion resource for this year’s symposium, to help enact positive change through your work.