NEXPO 2021 Recap: Vendors Meeting with Designers

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NEXPO is the day-long industry supplier and maker exhibition held in conjunction with the annual SEGD Conference Experience. This year, in Philadelphia, conference attendees met with fabricators, material suppliers and technology vendors on the exposition’s show floor to learn about products and services. Complimenting these discussions, NEXPO exhibitors also presented a series of talks to conference participants. The following is a recap of everything NEXPO 2021.

On Day 2 (Friday, November 5) of the 2021 SEGD Conference Experience in Philadelphia, 23 exhibitors presented their offerings to attendees—everything from signage to lighting to software.

In addition to speaking with conference participants one-on-one at the individual exhibit booths, the NEXPO Talk sponsors also presented a series of four group talks to attendees:

  “Designing Media-Driven Technology for the End User” by Maris Ensing of Mad  Systems,

  “Reinventing Remarkable: Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing is Changing the Game in Design” by Rick Smith of Dimensional Innovations,

  “A Deep Dive into Powder Coatings” by Jim Hester of Quality Powder Coating,

  “Confessions of a Fabricator” by Corey Kennedy of NOVA Industrial Arts.

Not only were the “NEXPO Talks” well attended by creative professionals, but also by young designers and design students, who, by all accounts, enthusiastically participated in the presentations. Many of these emerging professionals learned for the first time the processes and methods for creating products which can be added to their experiential designer toolbox.

During NEXPO, three members of the SEGD Board—Joelle Angel-Chumbley, Steve Bayer and Kathy Fry—met to decide on awards given to five of the exhibitor booths … and the winners are …

  Best Booth: Gable

  Best Material Supplier Booth: ORAFOL

  Best New Product: Fabricator Extension Layout Generator by SignAgent

  Best Fabricator Booth: DE Powder Coated Graphics

  Best New Resource: MPC Color Tool App by Matthews Paint

If you weren’t able to attend the 2021 SEGD NEXPO at the Philadelphia conference, no worries. NEXPO will present again at the 2022 SEGD Conference on June 16-18 in Portland, Oregon. Hope to see you there