Motivation to “Present Yourself”

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Present Yourself is ramping up for its second workshop with longer sessions, another round of industry-leading professionals from top design firms, and yet another group of incredibly motivated and talented students. If you’ve participated, you know the drill, but if you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you know what all you’re missing:

Students, what can this do for you?

  • A rare opportunity to get your portfolio reviewed and receive direct mentorship by an expert in the EGD field (all specific to you and your career goals and aspirations!)
  • The ability to post your resume out on the SEGD JOBS board for greater exposure to future employers in the field
  • Becoming an SEGD Member has so many benefits in and of itself!

***Students must be SEGD Members (for just $30/year) to participate. (That’s a deal!)

Time slots are limited! Submit your portfolio and resume for review today!


Professionals, what will this do for you?

An opportunity to share your experience, insight, and learned lessons in the field with someone who is just starting out (giving back has never been more rewarding than when in the pursuit of shaping a better future!)
You may find a possible new recruit in all of this!
Get inspired by the newest creative minds (different experiences allow a greater diversity of creativity and imagination)

It’s not too late! Become a reviewer for an upcoming workshop!


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!
Available times and dates are as follows:

May 14: 4—7 pm EDT
May 21: 4—7 pm EDT
May 28: 10 am—12 pm EDT


SEGD will be accepting reviewer and student applications throughout the month of May, but time slots are limited!

Not an SEGD member? Consider joining! First time members receive a 50% discount off the first year. Apply here!