Meet Your Makers at the 2019 SEGD Conference

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Looking for new fabricators to help bring your ideas into reality? Need to research ADA signage or sustainable processes for your next project? Whether you’re looking for collaboration, information, or inspiration, NEXPO is the place for you.

The day-long event will bring together vendors, fabricators, clients and design professionals at the 2019 SEGD Conference Experience Austin[There’s still time to register for the full conference or get a one-day NEXPO-only pass.]

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find on June 7 at the Austin Fairmont Hotel in the Congressional Ballroom AB

A New Spectrum of Creativity | 3M
Looking for a way to achieve brilliant effects with shimmering, color-shifting looks—without the cost of dichroic glass? With 3M™ Dichroic Glass Finishes, you can achieve the same effect with color that shifts depending on the viewer’s angle, plus simple application and at a fraction of the cost. (Booth 312)

Cutting Edge, Customizable Product | Alto Folia by SH
ALTO™ is a powder-coated aluminum product that can be customized with graphics of all kinds: maps, photographs, art, text, you name it. If you can design it, we can get it on ALTO™. ALTO™ can be cut into custom shapes, can be curved and comes in a perforated version that has been integrated into several architectural projects. Several long-time clients who are familiar with FOLIA™ have been introduced to ALTO™ and they are consistently impressed by the quality of the product. Many are excited to start on new outdoor projects that use ALTO™. (Booth 316)

Fine-Art Engraving | Andrusko Group
The Andrusko Group studio is an architectural applied arts & fine-art engraving resource specializing in unique and complex A-E-C applications in the built environment and have been an active member of SEGD since the year 2000. (Booth 218)

A Floating, Frameless Canvas for Your Designs | APCO Sign Systems
Whether you’re looking for an image-intense sign program or a more classic look with anodized finishes, Elevate is a comprehensive system with customizable options to suit any design. APCO Signs has been providing interior and exterior sign solutions for over 50 years. (Booth 201)

LED Lighting Partner | Bitro
Bitro strives to be “Your LED Lighting Partner” by offering professional-grade products, top-tier chips and current technology in channel letter modules, light box, and cabinet LED illumination. It provides a specialized line of excellent custom sign solutions with its RESNO, ELP, GLACIER WHITE acrylic and linear LED and RGB lighting options not available elsewhere. (Booth 301)

Custom Branded Graphics and Installations | BluEdge
Our best-of-the-next-generation color print technologies will transform your interior or exterior walls, windows, or floors into large-format canvases that advertise your brand and elevate your image. We work harmoniously with any person or business with a graphic application need and a dream, from conception through nationwide installation. (Booth 404)

The Art of Metal Fabrication, The Power of Intention of Detail | Bo-mar Industries
Bo-mar Industries is not a typical metal fab shop. Its craftsmen, machinists and engineers use an artistic approach along with modern technology to bring your vision to life. Form, function, and visual impact are all considered as they take projects from concept sketches through to implementation. (Booth 107)

Specialty Acrylic and Glass for Outstanding Image Clarity and Durability | Classic Exhibits
 Looking for portable, modular, or custom display? Classic Exhibits was named an EXHIBITOR Magazine Find-It Top 40 in 2018 and 2019. This award recognizes the top trade show exhibit builders in North America. In addition, Classic was cited as #1 in Service and Reliability and the People’s Choice Award winner for the trade show industry. (Booth 102)

Signature LED, Architectural Signage and More | Colite
Colite develops and implements signage programs for the world’s leading brands and design firms. Offering a full range of specialty signage products—from architectural to high-end Signature LED—Colite connects brands to the people they serve and the world around them. (Booth 203)

Architectural Sign Fabrication Experts | DeNyse Companies
DeNyse Companies knows that client perception is critical, so they focus on customer satisfaction. They are a nationwide custom signage company with experts in fabrication, installation and project management. (Booth 407)

New Products and Innovations | DE Powder Coated Graphics
Powder Coated ADA Signs: As part of our new Powder Coating 2.0 initiative Direct Embed has developed a methodology for creating tactile and Braille signs. Utilizing a powder coated substrate and a digital printed tactile layer the signs are incredibly durable and capable of attaining effects including wood patterns, graphics, and simulated materials. (Booth 216)

A Visual Display Company Specializing in Light Boxes and Digital Signage | DSA Signage
DSA Signage is a trusted manufacturer that will help turn your visual display ideas into reality. We partner with our clients to design innovative illuminated displays using the latest engineering technology, fabricate quality products, both stock items and custom solutions. Display size, lighting technology, color temperature, finish, enclosures, substrate and mounting options can be customized for virtually limitless design possibilities. (Booth 101)

Architectural Signage for the Built Environment | EMG
EMG is a full service, comprehensive manufacturer of architectural signage and graphics, specializing in interior signage.  We are a service-oriented, relationship driven partner that will work tirelessly to ensure client satisfaction. The durability of our thermoformed signage is second to none. (Booth 105)

“Seeing is believing.” | Flex America
Flex America is featuring state of the art technology using block acrylic, micro-perforated stainless steel and vapor deposition metalized custom coloring to create unique lettering and designs that will inspire creativity. (Booth 205)

End-to-End Visual Communications | Gable
You dream it. We create it. Together, we turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Gable provides digital signage and media integration; custom signage and graphic solutions; brand implementation; design; and managed services that promote brands, influence choice, and drive positive results. (Booth 318)

Customized Signage and Wayfinding Solutions | Gemini Inc. 
Leverage unmatched quality and selection of architectural products from UL-certified illuminated options to wayfinding solutions. Utilize our capabilities and national coverage and challenge us with your most ambitious experiential design visions. Think custom? Think Gemini. (Booth 315)

Branding Partner of Iconic Branding Elements & Environments | Icon
Icon is the nation’s largest brand implementation company specializing in full-service signage, sign & lighting maintenance and retail construction solutions. We are your branding partners from concept to completion – Your brand is our mission. (Booth 415)

Innovative Sign Creation | Identity Group
Identity Group an international leader in signs, visual decor and office products, will release the new Impress Sign Line at the upcoming 2019 SEGD Conference on June 6-8, 2019.
The Impress Sign Line uses high-end architectural film compatible with Alchemy compression tactile and direct print processes. It features 30 selected film options including solid colors, marble, wood and metal. This innovative method of sign creation will help you stand out to your clients. Identity Group is your signal source sign supplier, creating everything from ADA compliant signs featuring alchemy compression and photopolymer signs, letters and more. We build your vision! (Booth 405)

Experienced Proven Fabrication + New Sign Systems for Designers | Image Manufacturing Group
Over the past year alone, Image Manufacturing Group has partnered with the EGD community to create outstanding signage for projects like The Kartrite Resort, the largest indoor waterpark in the Catskill Mountains of New York, the rebranded facilities of Augusta University and Health Campus in Augusta, Georgia, the new world-class office building at 222 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville, and the Georgia World Congress Center in the heart of Atlanta. In addition to our custom fabrication experience, this year, we’re excited to introduce three new sign systems developed to help designers and their clients address budget-limited interior and parking garage projects more economically without losing creative flexibility. See us at our NEXPO Talk “Who needs another sign system?” Friday, June 7th. (Booth 416)

Architectural Signage, Printed Wall Art, Aspex® Printed Wall Protection | Inpro®
We obsess about creating and installing architectural signage your guests can rely on to get from one place to another. With a variety of design possibilities, expert advice and professional installation, we lead the way when it comes to signs so that you can lead people to the right place around your buildings. (Booth 411)

World-renowned Custom High-Pressure Laminate | iZone Imaging
iZone Imaging delivers world-renowned custom high-pressure laminate (CHPL) around the globe. Our CHPL is manufactured in one location, which means exceptional quality and fast delivery. Previously a division of Wilsonart, iZone was founded with the mission of combining the latest advances in high-end digital imaging with the proven durability of high-pressure laminate. Since a spin-off from Wilsonart in 2003, we’ve been helping our customers bring their environments to life with vibrant eye-catching signage, experiential graphics and decorative surfaces that stand the test of time. (Booth 411)

The Right Product for the Right Application | Mactac
More than a media provider, Mactac® is a partner. Looking for guidance and support? Need to specify the right media for your application? We’ve got you covered. From indoors to outdoors, walls to windows, ceilings to floors and more, we work with you to ensure you have the right product for the right application—every time. With 50 years of experience, our technical expertise, reliable service and exemplary support are second to none. Contact us today for product recommendations on your next project! / graphics 866.622.8223 (Booth 403)

Carving & Sculptures | Marcel Mächler, Inc.
Custom logos, seals and designs in bas-relief in stone. Material, layout, depth and detail per specs or playfulness. Make it unique. Make it artsy. Make it green. Make it last. (Booth 106)

New Customizable Glass Signage | Matthews Architectural
Glass Expressions™ is a new and sophisticated signage option that provides a contemporary look and sleek design lines. They will also showcase the new DesignFusion™ finish which can be applied to custom metal signage including cast and etched plaques. (Booth 217)

High-Quality Industrial Coatings | Matthews Paint
Matthews Paint is a leading manufacturer of acrylic polyurethane sign paint. Through an ongoing process of intensive research, development and field-testing, Matthews Paint offers the most advanced sign paint system available. (Booth 314)

Workspace Design Solutions | ORAFOL Americas
Spice up your next wall and window project with these great options: ORACAL® 8300 Transparent Cal, ORACAL® 631 Exhibition Cal and ORAJET® 3169RA Intermediate Calendered Digital Media with RapidAir® Technology. (Booth 213)

Graphics to Brand Solutions | PhotoWorksGroup
PWG is an environmental graphics studio. We collaborate with designers to bring graphics and branding to life in spaces like offices, museums, airports, universities, and athletics facilities. Our development of capabilities as a single source experiential fabricator is designed to inspire new opportunities for expression and impact for all designers crafting experiences in the built environment. Working hand in hand with our clients we collectively seek to set the cadence for tomorrow’s innovations in visual communication. (Booth 304)

Digitally Printed Reflective Signage Solutions | Sherine Industries
Image-enhancing, full-color graphic, custom printed reflective signs made with 3M™ Reflective Sheeting allow you to unleash your creativity with endless combinations. Their single layer print process means the entire surface is reflective, virtually eliminating the risk of failure while allowing more flexibility in design. Proven and trusted, Sherine offers a 7, 10, or 12-year warranty, including a Worldwide 3M™ MCS™ Warranty on qualifying products. (Booth 211)

New Mobile App For Site Surveys and Sign Tracking | SignAgent
SignAgent helps designers, facilities, fabricators, and vendors with the planning and management of signage. It can handle message schedules, location plans, automatic artwork creation, and message translations. Now with an iPhone or iPad, you can take photos of signs, add comments, assign types, review, and sync your survey data to your SignAgent online project. (Booth 417)

SloanLED Brightens Your Brands! | SloanLED
For over 60 years, SloanLED has provided the best light technology and support, superior technical assistance, and unparalleled customer service and a proud SEGD member. SloanLED offers the industry’s broadest mix of LED signage and architectural lighting solutions, designed to provide even illumination, easy installation, low maintenance and even lower power costs. SloanLED designs, tests, and delivers comprehensive solutions that factor in total cost of ownership, maximum ROI, and a positive customer experience. SloanLED provides lighting solutions that represent significant energy cost reductions, easy installation, faster ROI, and unsurpassed value. (Booth 215)

Specialty Acrylic and Glass for Outstanding Image Clarity and Durability | Tru Vue
Tru Vue has a variety of specialty acrylic and glass products that are anti-reflective and scratch resistant. These products make your images, content and objects more engaging and truly enhance the experience. Tru Vue products also help protect against scratching and damage. Come visit us and learn about our products for printed graphics, wayfinding, dry erase boards, display cases and framed art. (Deluxe Booth 408)

Interactive Wayfinding, Room Signs and Digital Signage | Visix
Visix offers award-winning interactive wayfinding designs, meeting room signs and digital signage software. Their paper-white room signs use black and red ink and are easy to mount right out of the box with customizable faceplates and screen templates. (Booth 412)

Custom Projects Teams | Walton Signage
This year Walton Signage will boast 40 years of experience maintaining design intent and implementing brands across a host of industries stateside and internationally. The difference is our people and our processes. From healthcare to stadiums, retail to automotive, tech to mixed-use our team consists of experts experienced within each of these fields, who understand our customers’ expectations and desires. (Booth 109)


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