Make sure to Join SEGD’s CEO at the “Future of Design Advocacy”

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AIGA “Design Leadership + Advocacy” 2022 Conference will be held March 20-22, 2022, in Washington, DC. In-Person and Virtual Tickets available. SEGD members get access to AIGA member pricing. Register here

On Monday, March 21, 2022, at 5:00pm (EDT) Bennie F. Johnson, CEO of AIGA will sit down with Cybelle Jones, CEO of SEGD, and Brenda Sanderson, Executive Director of IxDA, for a fireside chat about how we, as designers, can be better daily design advocates and what comes next in the journey towards advancing the design agenda.

The AIGA “Design Leadership + Advocacy” 2022 Conference provides the opportunity to amplify and extend our impact as designers through leadership and advocacy. It is time to convene, lead, and make large-scale change within the design industry. 

Along with design and design adjacent leaders, participants will explore the power and influence of small businesses, design-first organizations, and industry expansion. Together with a desire to create change, designers have the capacity to initiate change at home and on a national level.

The conference will convene speakers and leaders from a range of industries and government to talk about how design is key to advancing business goals across the following topics:

  • Local Economies and the Role of Small Business
  • The Gig Economy
  • The Future of Jobs 
  • Systemic Problems
  • The Human Experience
  • Media and Information 
  • Design as a Cultural Force 

It is important for the larger design community to advocate for the value of design. Aligned with AIGA, SEGD members understand the value and impact of design in our contemporary world. Join our SEGD CEO for three days of design leadership development, advocacy, and design industry expansion. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to highlight the value of design and champion our profession at the federal, state and local levels. Register for the AIGA conference here.

Through this partnership SEGD members receive a discounted rate, use the codes and links below to register today!
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