Jurors of the 2021 SEGD Global Design Awards

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Each year, SEGD celebrates those designers whose work best connects people to place, exemplifying the organization’s mission to “Educate, Connect and Inspire.” These firms and their exemplary design projects are recognized through the Global Design Awards, representing the best in experiential graphic design and spanning a wide range of topics, disciplines, and verticals. These topics and disciplines fall into the following categories:

  • Digital Experience Content
  • Exhibition
  • Interactive Experience
  • Placemaking & Identity
  • Strategy, Research, Planning
  • Wayfinding

But who actually decides which of the submitted projects actually merits a Global Design Award?

This year, a multi-disciplinary jury will evaluate projects based on their effectiveness in connecting people to place, creating unique and memorable user experiences while solving design challenges.

Newly appointed SEGD board member, Dayton Schroeter, will chair the jury. Schroeter is Design Principal AIA at the Smith Group (Washington, DC) and heads his firm’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Given this background, Schroeter is uniquely qualified to lead the Awards’ jury.

“The SEGD awards offer us a  opportunity to celebrate, share and reflect on multidisciplinary, international design work that connects people to place,” explains Schroeter.  “These projects help shape our awareness of the world we inhabit and, at their best, challenge us to be better citizens.”

In addition to Schroeter, eight other jurors will review and help select the Global Design Award winners this March:

Bhawika Mishra
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York)
Bhawika Mishra studied Exhibition & Experience Design at FIT and graduated in December 2020 with a Master of Arts degree focusing on design and fabrication of exhibition and experience-based projects, visual merchandising, and team and project management.

Chris Calori
Entro/CVEDesign (New York)
Chris Calori was recognized in 2007 as an SEGD Fellow and in 2002 as a Distinguished Member Award honoree. Calori and David Vanden-Eynden are co-founders and Principals of Calori & Vanden-Eynden.

Jonathan Evans
MASS Design Group (Boston, MA)

Leticia Barajas
Nike (Portland, OR)
Leticia is Studio Director, Global Brand Creative – Brand Experience at Nike.

L’Rai Arthur-Mensah
Local Projects (New York)

Phillip Tiongson
Potion (New York)

Tanja Zollner
ATELIER BRÜCKNER (Stuttgart, Germany)
Tanja is Concept Designer at Atelier Brückner specializing in spatial experiences and storytelling for museums, exhibitions, entertainment parks, trade shows and interiors.

Traci Sym
plus & greater than (Portland, OR)
Traci Sym served on the 2020 Global Awards Jury and on the SEGD Board since 2019. She is a Principal at plus & greater than.

Waqas Jawaid
Partner, Isometric Studio (New York)
Waqas is an SEGD 2020 Global Design Award recipient and was a featured presenter at SEGD Exhibition and Experience Event. His work as a partner at Isometric Studio focuses on designing a more inclusive contemporary culture.

“It’s important for us to recognize the power of the moment. 2020 has offered a window of opportunity for designers of public space to reimagine the new normal,” says Schroeter. “The 2021 SEGD Global Design Awards will put emphasis on projects that have a positive impact on our society and culture.”

Have you submitted your design project for consideration in the 2021 Global Design Awards? If not, no worries—there’s still time to participate! And the benefits of being recognized by the Global Design Awards Jury are many:

  1. When you win, your project gets promoted online, in the press, across social media, and in feature stories.
  2. Winning projects are published in the SEGD Awards Annual and become benchmarked against and referenced by members, prospective clients, and students across the globe.
  3. Award-winning firms become more competitive in recruiting top talent.
  4. The title “Award-winning” elevates your professional resume and your future leadership prospects.
  5. SEGD Awards are the #1 most visited content on SEGD.org, earning over 100k page views each year.
  6. Your SEGD Bio and Firm Listing get a boost with award-winning projects tagged to it.

To enter your project in the 2021 Global Design Awards, click here. Interested in resubmitting a project? Email Jennette@segd.org.