Introducing SEGD Professional Practice Groups

This May, SEGD is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking initiative: the SEGD Professional Practice Groups. Designed to serve as pivotal platforms for knowledge exchange and innovation, these networks mark a significant step forward in harnessing the collective expertise of our members.

Professional Practice Groups: Empowering Collaboration

SEGD Professional Practice Groups are more than just groups; they are vibrant forums for like-minded professionals to delve into specific areas of expertise, share insights, and foster personal and professional growth. These groups offer unlimited members, providing a welcoming, ongoing, and open-ended environment for all SEGD members. 

Aligning with Strategic Goals

The activities and discussions within the SEGD Professional Practice Groups are intentionally aligned with SEGD’s overarching strategic goals. These groups play a critical role in shaping the future of experiential  graphic design by focusing on:

To join one of these groups, click on one of these links and navigate to the Discover Groups tab under “My Groups.” You may then choose to join one or more of these three practice groups!

By concentrating on these key areas, the Professional Practice Groups aim to foster development and innovation across the spectrum of experiential graphic design.

A Variety of Topics and Platforms for Engagement

Members will engage in a variety of topics including contract terms, design processes, best practices, professional development, and more. These discussions will take place across various platforms such as monthly Zoom meetings, dedicated channels on GlueUp, and social gatherings at SEGD events, ensuring vibrant and continuous interaction.

Envisioning the Impact

The expected outcomes of the SEGD Professional Practice Groups are ambitious and multifaceted. Members can look forward to contributing to thought leadership through articles and white papers, engaging in advocacy efforts, and enriching the content of SEGD Voices and Events. Moreover, these networks will collaborate with existing SEGD committees to amplify their impact, assess their effectiveness, and ultimately enhance the value of SEGD membership.

Join Us Today!

We invite all our members to join these exciting new Professional Practice Groups. Whether you are drawn to the technical aspects of fabrication and software or interested in leadership and advocacy, there is a place for you. By participating, you contribute to a collective endeavor that not only shapes the future of our industry but also amplifies your professional journey.

Together, let’s innovate, collaborate, and lead in the ever-evolving world of environmental graphic design!