Images and Reflections-Black Lives Matter Plaza

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With the speedy installation of typographic murals on the streets of several cities including Washington D.C. in response to protests around the world, many conversations have been sparked not only about inequity, policing, performative distraction and political tactics, but also about community organizing through the use of signs and its relationship to the practice of EGD.

Since last week, the Washington D.C. Black Lives Matter Mural ordered by Mayor Muriel Bowser has been shared around the EGD community through social media platforms and even discussed in SEGD chapter events.

“As a designer and a long-time resident of the DC Metro area, it engendered an unbelievable feeling of hope in me because this city, which is notorious for rejecting bold or controversial architecture, environmental graphics, and public art, was able to paint an enormous typographic rendering of ‘Black Lives Matter’ followed by the stars and stripes of the D.C. flag down the two most visible blocks of the 16th Street viewshed of the White House—seemingly overnight,” writes Cybelle Jones, SEGD CEO.

Is this EGD, or yellow paint on asphalt; a call to action, performative distraction, or a beacon of hope? Maybe all of the above, and more. Only time will tell if its impact is lasting. What has happened around it, is just as noteworthy. The community has answered the call painted on 16th Street with memorials, signs, murals, rallying cries, stories of anguish and messages of love.

“What I saw was a conversation between a city and the people who live there, the surrounding businesses lending their support, and visitors leaving their messages for the world to see. It was a beautiful, peaceful, and solemn morning,” writes SEGD’s Member Services Associate, Chapter Chair Liaison, and photographer, Nadia Adona. (images, above)


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