Here’s Your Design Awards Inspiration — Straight From the Archives

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What does a futurist digital archive, a light frieze on a brick building, an information exhibition, a wayfinding installation with inflatables, and a massive digital display doubling as an airport terminal have in common? All were awe-inspiring, game-changing projects recognized as the best of the best in the SEGD Global Design Awards.

Here are Best in Show winners from the past five years, found in our vast Global Design Awards archive spanning all the way back to 1998. Explore the awards archivefor even more inspiration–and motivation to enter the 2019 Global Design Awards!Your project could be featured here this year! 

PLUS, we now publish Design Awards finalists! With a 25 percent chance of being published by just entering, why would you think twice about submitting your work?

You could win…

+ Best in Show – This award is selected by the jury out of the pool of Honors Awards recipients. These projects exemplify excellence and project the direction the industry is going in a very strong way.

+ Sylvia Harris Award – This is a social award given to a project that celebrates, improves and/or unifies society; named after Sylvia Harris a woman who committed her life and design talent to enhance the lives of real people.

+ Honor Award – The recipients of this award are first-rate, embodying excellence in design.

+ Merit Award – These projects are outstanding and worthy of high praise and recognition above others.

You aspire to create the extraordinary. Participating in the Design Awards will help you gain the exposure your work deserves.

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