Handled with Care—The SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Process

When it comes to the SEGD Global Design Awards,there’s no skimping by the Jury handling and judging your entries.

Jury Selection: The Jury Chair selects jurors for their expertise across various practice areas to represent the categories and the field in general, with suggestions from the board, CEO and staff. The result is a truly accomplished and multidisciplinary team that really understands what makes great experiential graphic design. [Read more about this year’s talented jury.]

Jury Meeting: The Jurors meet face-to-face over three days in a quiet space to review your hard work and are provided with hard copies of each and every entry. They watch the videos, which are extremely helpful to help them understand the experiential aspects of the projects. That means your work receives the time and attention it deserves, from eight experts in a contemplative space with no distractions. When was the last time that happened?

Jury Deliberation: First, each Juror reviews every single entry individually. Then, the Jury reviews each and every entry as a group within its practice area, before taking some time out to reflect on what submissions stood out most to them—and why. Lastly, the Jury will make their final deliberations. It’s a long and involved process, but it’s worth it.

Your best work deserves to be treated with the utmost care. Need more reasons to enter the SEGD Global Design Awards? Read the business case.Want to find out what tips the Jury have for your entries? Jury Chair Christina Lyons shares her insight. Need examples? Browse the gallery of 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards winners.

The deadline for submissions is 2/14! Don’t wait another second.