For the Future of EGD—Students at Xlab

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Being an SEGD student member is a pretty sweet deal, especially when Xlab rolls around. The location (New York City!) and the price (Free!) are unbeatable, but that’s just the beginning.

Last year, 67 students attended SEGD’s 2018 Xlab event. It was among the highest student attendances for any SEGD conference and continues to be a favorite among design programs. Just to provide some perspective on how important Xlab is for students: this year’s event will be the seventh year in a row that a group from the University of Oklahoma will make it to Xlab, but they aren’t the only “regulars.” Large groups from design programs at Seton Hall, FIT, University of Oklahoma, and Corcoran/George Washington University have routinely participated in the event.

Even if it’s just you, there are plenty of benefits in being a student attending the 2019 SEGD Xlab event, November 7-8.

  • Coming to understand what one’s future career could hold, firsthand, is an exciting prospect for any student.
  • Along with the annual SEGD Conference Experience, Xlab tends to be one of the first encounters students have with the SEGD community, providing them with insights, inspiration and access to practitioners working on the cutting edge of the experiential graphic design field.
  • In addition to the sessions and networking, studio and project tours in and around New York provide invaluable real-world context.
  • Most students come away from the conference feeling inspired not only by the speakers and content but by the myriad business contacts and new friends they meet. 


Attending Xlab while saving money in three steps or less…

  1. Claim your SEGD membership.
  2. Register for the 2019 Xlab event for FREE.
  3. With the $545 you save by becoming a student member and registering for Xlab for free, you can choose an experiential tour to attend on November 7!

For more information about Xlab, check out the detail event agenda here.

Not a member? Join us! Student memberships are only $50 per year and provide access to amazing events like Xlab—for FREE. Don’t wait. Register for Xlab today!

Thank you to our 2019 SEGD Xlab presenting sponsors, AVIXA and DCL.