A Finale Like None Other—Exhibition + Experience Week 4

Read Time: 3 minutes

After three outstanding weeks of inspiring stories, award-winning projects, virtual tours, interactive workshops, we’re thrilled to be closing out the month with a grand finale, the final week of 2020 SEGD Exhibition + Experience! Here’s a short highlight reel proving this year’s E+E is going out with a BANG!

See the full agenda here.

London’s Science Museum: Medicine Exhibition, from the Henry Wellcome and the Science Museum Group Collection – Virtual Tour:

Join Lucy Holmes as she gives an exclusive virtual tour of Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries at London’s Science Museum. The Wellcome Galleries were a hugely ambitious chance to bring 500 years of the history of medicine together across five galleries with over 3,000 medical objects and artworks, many on display for the first time. Lucy Holmes led the design team who created the interpretation and environmental graphics that helped bring these diverse objects to life. Through developing a clear hierarchy for the interpretation and working closely with the architects WilkinsonEyre, they seamlessly integrated the information graphics into the environment. They also created imaginative and engaging settings for the objects through a variety of media that united diverse objects within their cases under one story. The Galleries have so far picked up awards through Creative Review and Design Week, and received overwhelmingly glowing reviews from the press.

SEGD Manifesto Live Performance:

What was all this for and why does design matter? Join the inspiring climactic conclusion to this year’s E+E event as Harold Green III delivers an original spoken word poem, a manifest, produced specifically for the design community with the intent to help nurture a stronger, more inclusive, more sustainable way forward. Poet, emcee, and artist, Harold Green III, has previously graced our E+E virtual stage in Week 2 with his Design Manifesto Primer and next week he’s back to inspire us once more! The rest is Top Secret, but you can bet Green’s live performance will be leagues more transformative as opposed to your colleagues dictating the highlights to you over the phone. 

Design Improv:

Another week means another interactive Design Improv Exercise! If you want to challenge your design prowess and hone your problem-solving skills, tune in to this group event hosted by a different SEGD Chapter every week (Week 4 is hosted by our New York City Chapter!). First, everyone will receive the brief — something along the lines of “The ABC Foundation has approached the group to create a temporary interactive or exhibit that allows visitors to -blank-” — then, once participants are split up into teams, you’ll work with your group to ideate and sketch out solutions, keeping in mind the overall thematic question of the week. Groups will send in their design ideas to be presented live during the event. 

If you have yet to attend one of these workshops, don’t wait until next week to take part in the challenge! This Thursday’s Design Improv will be hosted by the Denver SEGD Chapter and it’s gearing up to be another great event!


As we near the homestretch of the month-long 2020 Exhibition + Experience event, make sure you’ve bought a ticket to the week’s you want to keep! Recordings of this year’s E+E event will be sent out to all those who have registered — that’s the virtual tours, Global Design Awards case studies, and all your favorite speaker sessions wrapped into one, can’t miss package! Keep your weeks, register today!