Fifth Anniversary of SEGD Branded Environments September 29-30!

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SEGD Branded Environments 2021
is the event purely focused on brand experiences that transform engagement within public spaces. And this past year has provided designers with new opportunities to redefine that engagement. False starts and Delta-waves notwithstanding, we are beginning to re-enter our cherished public spaces. And as we return, we come back to spaces transformed by improved public health consciousness and an increased awareness of racial and gender equity along with design in service of community. 

As designers contemplating the new opportunities for our experience of hospitality, workplace, retail, entertainment and institutions, how are you pushing this moment of change towards the side of humanism while providing a return on investment for both users and owners?

These new paradigms present opportunities for creativity to flourish in ways that rethink consumers’ relationships with brand-integrated places. Stuart Fox, our SEGD 2021 Branded Environments co-chair, said this about the evolution:

“After a year spent mostly at home, we can never take our communal spaces for granted again. Branded spaces, and the designers that make them, highlight the best ways for creating intentional, engaging places that really foster connection. This moment makes me excited for what we’ll return to when we all rush to be together again.”

Speakers will include thought leaders across a spectrum of branded environments practices and leading organizations including; Streetsense, Gensler, IA Architects, Designtex, Leviathan, Moment Factory and Ware Malcomb.

“We know that the consumers are changing the relationship with brands and putting people first; our community of experience designers are driving that new form of engagement and meaningful brand integration,” said Cybelle Jones, SEGD CEO. “The role of Experiential Graphic Designers has been integral to proving the return on investment through innovative and purposeful design”.

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