Exploring Common Ground in 2020

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Common Ground—a theme to encapsulate experiential graphic design in 2020

In striving to define, emphasize, and build upon an intersection of shared ideas, perspectives, and design, we, as a society of EGD professionals—dedicated to connecting people to place through experiences—discover the common ground. This year, we’re capitalizing on celebrating the convergence that bridges the divide and strengthens bonds through shared experiences.

How do we create places where people want to go, to shop, to watch sports, to play as a family, to be part of a community? How do designers create places that feel good, that enrich us, inspire us, connect us to one another? What do designers need to know, understand and do in order to create a viable, authentic, soulful experience for their clients and ultimately the public?

Understanding where our differences lie and where we come together culturally, spiritually, socially is paramount in creating places, spaces, and experiences where everyone feels welcome and included, or where a specific group of people feel at home, empowered, etc.!

As we work across cultures and around the world, we as designers must necessarily look for common ground, how shared ideas are communicated. We must understand cultural, ethnic, social, religious, economic similarities and differences. We must gather information and ask questions that spotlight where the edges of things are. Where are the beginning and end? What are the rules for engagement? Where, among and between groups, are there clashes or breaks in those rules, and how can they be overcome or mediated or remediated? How far can we go, how close must we stay, what will disrupt in a positive way and what is simply disruptive?

These are essential questions to be considered throughout our 2020 events. We will assess the impact of design in corporate spaces and public places from shopping malls and sports stadiums, to museum exhibitions and city streets; office campuses and private workrooms, to public parks and entertainment venues.

For design to have impact, for design to matter, designers must start the creative process by considering our common ground – shared experiences, mutual knowledge, and understanding of those to be reached. That is how we build loyalty, create fans, and repeat experiences. That is how design makes an impact, helps us build community in the world, and inspires us to be our best selves.

Thus, common ground, in this case, represents an expression through shared language—whether that be conveyed verbally, visually, tangibly, or otherwise—that elicits an emotional response that bonds us, crossing borders and cultures, as a community of passionate people.

Be part of the movement. Discover, learn, and be inspired by the unexpected similarities, by the common ground. See a complete list of 2020 SEGD events and register today!