E+E Highlights Reel – Looking for Inspiration? Watch Now!

This past August, SEGD presented How Soon Is Now? Designing Change, the first comprehensive, multi-day virtual event dedicated to exhibition and experience design.

Did you miss it? Not to worry! You can now relive SEGD’s Exhibition + Experience Month through newly accessible, online video sessions. Learn from more than 30 multidisciplinary designers, from around the world, who reveal the current state of museum design processes and practices.

Topics cover four main areas:

1 – How do we break our unconscious biases?

2 – How do we design experiences that tell whole truths?

3 – How do we steward a sustainable future?

4 – How do we create context for the past and redirect the future?

The sessions examine how designers, storytellers and artists create experiences in the physical and virtual realms for audiences of varied backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities and ages.

Sign up now for the course packageand experience How Soon Is Now? Designing Change for yourself!