(Did You Know?) SEGD Webinars are FREE with Membership!

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It’s no secret.

Education and professional development are top SEGD membership benefits. In addition to the many educational conferences and workshops offered throughout the year, SEGD presents an annual series of online webinars geared to provide practical information and skills (and a big dose of inspiration!) that you can apply to your experiential graphic design projects. As a member, you can sign in for free access to any SEGD webinar—while it is happening live. The last four webinars of 2019 are scheduled for August 8th, September 12th, October 10th (Wayfinding 202: Strategies and Methods) and December 12th and you won’t want to miss them!

SEGD webinars balance both physical and digital project types with firsthand knowledge from expert practitioners in a wide swath of design practice areas including branded environments, exhibition and experience design, technology and interactive experiences, user experience, healthcare, practice and technical topics, wayfinding, accessibility and the business of design. They are typically structured around a project case study that gives specific and tactical insights about how the webinar’s featured designer planned, designed and executed that project.

If you missed previous webinars, they are available (at a discounted rate for members) as podcasts on the SEGD website. Some learning and practice packages that are popular with members are the SEGD Fundamentals Course Pack 1 – Fundamentals for Students + Educators, Foundations of Wayfinding, Digital Marketing 101and Architecture in EGD.

Not a member, or need to renew?Here’s what one successful SEGD member, Mari Frith, SEGD, IIDA has to say about that:

“I have had great, great experiences with the educational aspect of SEGD. Not only have I benefited, but so too have my employees, clients, and my mentored students. For what I have gained in professional expertise and comrades, SEGD are initials I am proud to display after my name. From an entrepreneurial perspective, it is the best buy for my business bucks!”

Are you a member? Did you know you can sign up for all available 2019 webinars in advance?