Dear Boss—Here’s Why You Should Send Me to the 2018 SEGD Conference

Does your boss need some persuading to sign off on your trip to Minneapolis for the 2018 SEGD Conference, June 7–9?

We can help with that. Here’s a letter chock-full of ROI to get you there.

Dear [Best Boss in the World]:

I’d like to attend the 2018 SEGD Conference Experience Minneapolis,June 7–9. My participation in the conference will be a great investment for our company, and here’s why.

  • I’ll grow our company’s network and business development potential by connecting with new partners and clients. [Over cocktails? Maybe, but no need to bring that up.]
  • I‘ll learn from the leaders of top-level design firms like Hunt Design, Buro North, Kate Keating Associates, 3M Design, Contend and more. [And those are just the firms speaking. No telling who you’ll meet in the buffet line.]
  • I’ll collect competitive intelligence, finding out what the other guys are doing and why. [No need for a spy-cam; speakers share willingly!]
  • I’ll find new vendor and fabrication resources and learn about new processes and materials at NEXPO. [New this year: NEXPO Talks. Get your hands dirty with demonstrations of materials and technology innovation on the NEXPO show floor.]
  • I’ll gain inspiration and see first-hand what the best of the best in experiential graphic design are doing at the 2018 SEGD Global Design Awards ceremony. [And you’ll get to pick the winners’ brains at the reception.]
  • I’ll learn about the latest design services innovations and workflow improvements using digital tools. [Add “digital” to this a few more times for an even bigger impression.]
  • I’ll take prolific notes and bring my new knowledge back to the office to share with my co-workers. [But until then, you’ll be the smartest person in the office.]
  • I’ll have access to innovative design-driven local venues on the walking and project tours. [And you’ll get your steps in. So many steps.]
  • I’ll be energized and ready to kick butt when I get back! [Perhaps tone this up or down based on your boss’s tolerance of metaphor and anatomical references.]


  • It’s not Miami, Las Vegas or New Orleans, so chances are I’ll get into a lot less trouble. [Maybe…]

We’ve all been working so hard the past few months and this is a GREAT way for me to recharge my batteries and get inspired to produce at an even higher level when I get back.

And last but not least, we’ll get our money’s worth, with three jam-packed days of learning sessions, behind-the-scenes project tours, networking events and NEXPO!


[Your Hard-Working, Go-Getting, Forward-Thinking Employee]

P.S. When you’re ready, we can get me signed up here.But don’t forget: Prices go up May 1.