Creativity is Power! Use it for good.

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Running June 16-18, the 2022 SEGD Conference Experience in Portland, Oregon, is only two weeks away! Sessions and tours will focus on the importance of community placemaking while exploring the overarching themes of design for good, the healing power of creativity, and inclusive design practices. With that, a very special treat is in store for you. 

Headlining the Conference is Portlander and internationally-renowned artist, illustrator and LGBTQ+ advocate Lisa Congdon! Leading a keynote conversation on “Living and Working from Your Values for Positive Impact,” Lisa will share some of her most powerful insights from reinventing herself in her thirties to self-care and honoring oneself and the role of artistic expression in healing.

In her work, Lisa makes art for clients across the globe, including Target, Amazon, Google, Warby Parker, Method, Comme des Garcons, REI, and MoMA. She has also authored ten books, including Art Inc: The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist and Find your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic. Lisa shares much of her professional knowledge—and life knowledge—on her podcast, The Lisa Congdon Sessions. 

Finding art—and healing in the process

For Lisa, becoming an artist was not on her do-to list. It wasn’t until her early thirties, after going through a devastating breakup, job change, and finding herself suffering from anxiety and depression, that she decided to take an art class upon the advice of her therapist.

Lisa describes in a recent interview, that “at first, I was terrible at drawing and painting, just like any beginner. But I loved it! And I got comfortable with being a beginner. I set up a little “studio” at my kitchen table in my tiny apartment and started painting on the weekends and at night.” She says, “creativity oozed out of me, and I became obsessed.” 

Art became a source of self-love and healing for Lisa. After slowly building her business in art, she eventually gave up her non-profit career to forge a new path. 

“My mantra has always been, “Begin anyhow,” and that’s because there is always a reason we can think of why we can’t do something or why we’ll fail. There is never a perfect time to do anything. So it’s important to just begin, even when you aren’t quite ready. And I did.” 

Over two decades later, that mantra has undoubtedly paid off for Lisa. And it’s paid off for those who have been inspired by and impacted by her work.

Using creativity for good

Lisa’s work is renowned for its vivid color, whimsical patterns, and hand lettering. Still, beyond the beauty in her work, Lisa’s unique brand of artivism sends a powerful message that inspires and uplifts, sparks joy, or pushes for positive change. 

As a self-described “out & visible” queer since 1991, Lisa advocates for creating a world where all can be free to be themselves and love each other without judgment or shame. Through a recent partnership with Brooks Running Company to design their new Run Proud Collection, she was proud to create a design that she says “sparks queer joy!” We absolutely love it! 

There’s a clear message we often see in Lisa’s work, which reminds us of the power we have as creatives. We have the power to use our art, our creativity, and our voice for good—and we should! Because, after all: “Creativity is Power! Use it for good.” 

At the SEGD Conference, you’ll have an opportunity to hear Lisa’s story. During her session, you’ll even get a special gift provided by Session Sponsor Alto Aluminum (psst: It’s a custom aluminum print of her artwork above!!). You’re going to love it!

To learn more about Lisa Congdon and her work and shop, check out her website

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