Creating More Flexible Workspaces: “New Challenges of Hybrid Work”

Read Time: 2 minutes

It’s a trend that’s gaining momentum: developing hybrid work models which enable employees to work remotely as well as within their physical workplaces. But what do these hybrids look like? And which might work best? Researchers from Steelcase Workplace Futures will discuss their insights in SEGD’s next “Voices” webinar on Thursday, February 24, at 1pm ET / 10am PT. The panel will provide key learnings gleaned from interviews and in-depth research for driving workplace policy and defining new hybrid work models.

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, working remotely has become the norm for many, with many organizations testing the waters with hybrid work strategies. Can companies satisfy employees’ desires for flexibility while still fulfilling customer needs, creating innovative solutions and maintaining company culture? What are the key areas to watch as organizations implement these hybrid work models?

In the second SEGD Voices webinar of 2022, “New Challenges of Hybrid Work,” Steelcase Brand Communications Manager Rebecca Charbauski will ask questions and discuss potential solutions with fellow Steelcase panelists Gale Moutrey (Global VP, Brand Management + Workplace Innovation), Dr. Tracy Brower (VP of Workplace Insight) and Patricia Kammer (Design Research).

Through their research, the Steelcase team is learning there are many ways to approach hybrid work and discovering that solutions that work best for one organization, might not work for another based on a variety of factors. How then to navigate the complex challenges of creating a workable hybrid workplace plan?

The consistent insight among talent and human resource experts is that offering flexibility should not be totally open-ended. It helps employees to have some structure to let them know when other people are most likely to be in the office, so they can make connections and collaborate.

To begin the process, research suggests that leaders must be intentional about why their workers come into the office. What attracts them to this environment? How do you create a workplace that employees want to be in? And how do you make the experience of coming into work enjoyable and equitable?

Second, in terms of remote work, leaders need to have an awareness of “presence bias” towards those who cannot be in the office as often as their fellow workers for a variety of reasons. How can a hybrid work plan be more flexible with these employees? And how can leaders accommodate all their workers while simultaneously addressing internal inequities?

The team members of Steelcase Workspace Futures are looking forward to discussing these challenges in the evolving field of hybrid workplace planning with you, our SEGD members and guests. 

Please join SEGD on Thursday, February 24, at 1pm ET / 10am PT, for “New Challenges of Hybrid Work,” sponsored by Designtex. You can register for and learn more about this webinar on the 2022 SEGD Voices webpage. The cost is FREE for SEGD members and only $50 for non-members.