Committing to the Future of Our Design Community

Kolar Design team picture, (from L to R) Mikayla McMellan, Lauren Moeller, Suzanne Hopkins, Hannah Anderson. Photo provided by Kolar Design.

Kolar Design firmly believes that our collective design future lies in a commitment to the design community. We must equip tomorrow’s creative talent through education and mentorship. Our partnership with SEGD is critical for many reasons, including keeping education relevant to real-world design practice, preparing new creative talent for the ever-evolving workforce, and staying current with the latest trends and industry standards.

Partnership with design-focused organizations like SEGD is essential because of the investment we make in our team. Design programs that have a close relationship with design practitioners and top design organizations can provide excellent learning opportunities and a front-row seat to cutting-edge design techniques. Our team recognizes that the landscape of design, and everything in our lives, is changing with the advancement of technology. Offering opportunities to not just attend events and virtual learning sessions, but to also have a seat at the table as a chair or member creates a more in-depth understanding of the evolving industry and design trends. The knowledge gained through these events and opportunities provided by SEGD, continues to strengthen our ability to create environments that communicate.

Partnering with SEGD helps us stay current with the latest trends and industry standards. As industries and markets continue to evolve, we all must keep up with the latest changes. By working closely with other thought leaders and designers, we can gain access to new ideas and perspectives and identify emerging trends in design.

Furthermore, a partnership with SEGD can provide access to a pool of talented designers and deliver team members that are equipped with the latest knowledge that can bring innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to the industry. This not only benefits our team and businesses but also the design industry when cross-collaboration and ideation are set in motion from these connections. The partnership allows for greater collaboration, innovation, and the development of best practices. Additionally, it can help promote the field of design and raise awareness and workforce opportunities in this critical sector.

The importance of a continued partnership with SEGD cannot be overstated. By developing strategic partnerships, we can all benefit from mutual collaboration, innovation, and the promotion of leading design strategies. By working together, we can ensure that the next generation of designs will exceed the evolving needs of the industries we serve and the clients we work with now and in the future.

“I have a deep passion for mentoring and cultivating change agents, not just for their individual growth, but for the positive impact it can have on their organizations and clients or communities they serve. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see the ripple effect of empowered and inspired designers creating meaningful and impactful work in the industry. Being a part of SEGD personally and as a company of purpose we have seen the benefits exponentially in our work and delivery to our clients creating best-in-class environments’ – Kelly Kolar

Kelly Kolar after receiving her Distinguished Member Award in 2017
John Lutz (L) and Kelly Kolar (R) mentoring a young designer during the Young Designers Summit at the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience in Miami

About Kolar
Kolar is an award-winning design strategy firm that specializes in insights, interiors, and experiential graphic design. Kolar excels in building brand experiences derived from data that delivers measurable business results using purposeful, creative, and deeply collaborative design. Kolar’s best-in-class team works closely with organizations using unique design thinking methodologies to build a strategy and vision that align with business goals and desired brand experiences. Learn more about Kolar today.

SEGD’s successes are made possible through the commitment of member volunteers and firm partnerships that dedicate time and resources to our global organization. Thank you Kolar Design for your continued commitment to SEGD since 1997, including multiple SEGD memberships throughout the years for your leadership and staff and a range of volunteer leadership positions including chapter chairs, board members and SEGD committee leadership. As a founding member of the SEGD 50th Foundation, we are grateful for your commitment and dedication to our organization.

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