C&G Partners at CAJM 2022

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C&G Partners is supporting the Council of American Jewish Museums’ national conference on – Re/Imagining: The Future of Culturally Specific Museums – which will be held in New York City on November 1 – 3, 2022.


In addition to supporting the conference, C&G designed brand and graphic materials, which were inspired by the iconic letterpress typography of peaceful protests.

The conference program shares perspectives from Jewish, Arab American, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, LGBTQ+, African American, and other identity-focused communities and museums. As a collective of thought partners, the Council of American Jewish Museums (CAJM) and its partners work towards common goals such as addressing prejudice and injustice, modeling inclusion, recalibrating narratives, redefining identity, and forging strategic alliances for the future.

The programming for the conference includes a tour of C&G’s “Native New York” exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, with C&G Partner and SEGD member Jonathan Alger. “Native New York” was also a 2022 SEGD Global Design Merit Award winner.

Supporting CAJM 2022 continues C&G Partners’ longstanding dedication to their mission “Design for Culture,” embracing culturally-specific clients and projects such as “Native New York,” “Against the Odds,” “People Not Property,” and “LGBTQ+ San Diego: Stories of Struggles and Triumphs.”

Learn more about CAJM and its 2022 national conference here.