Celebrating Our Nation’s History Through Innovative Storytelling

Renders created by BRC, courtesy of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Foundation.

In celebration of our nation’s history, we are excited to highlight the creative talents of our SEGD member firms who are working on current projects related to U.S. presidents. These projects showcase their innovative storytelling, bringing democracy to light and fostering civic engagement. Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable contributions, focusing on the inspiring work of our members.

Adams Presidential Center
Luci Creative

The Adams Presidential Center (APC) in Quincy, Massachusetts, celebrates the lives and legacies of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, and First Ladies Abigail Adams and Louisa Catherine Adams. This 100,000-square-foot multidisciplinary facility will house immersive exhibitions, educational programs, and the Institute for Civic Leadership. Luci Creative is developing a comprehensive master plan for the APC, in collaboration with MGMP and leading historians. The project aims to connect citizens to the nation’s founding principles and inspire future community leaders.

Renders created by BRC, courtesy of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Foundation.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
BRC Imagination Arts

BRC Imagination Arts is transforming the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum into a modern, engaging experience through emotional storytelling and immersion. The renovation will utilize the latest technologies to enhance the exhibits, creating an immersive narrative of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover’s lives. The goal is to inspire visitors to become active participants in their communities, showcasing the enduring values and contributions of one of America’s most extraordinary leaders.

Obama Presidential Center and Museum
Ralph Appelbaum and Associates (RAA) and Cortina Productions

Scheduled to open in 2026, the Obama Presidential Museum will celebrate the historic presidency of President and Mrs. Obama and promote civic engagement. Located on the South Side of Chicago, the museum will feature a 42-foot-high prototype installation called ‘Power of Words,’ displaying speeches, songs, art, and poetry that demonstrate the impact of language as a catalyst for change. SEGD member firms RAA and Cortina Productions are part of the extensive collaborative team bringing this project to life.

Photo courtesy of Dimensional Innovations.

The Situation Room Experience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
Dimensional Innovations

The Situation Room Experience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum offers a hyper-realistic simulation where visitors must work together to manage crises. Opened in 2016, this hands-on educational opportunity was enhanced by Dimensional Innovations to create a more flexible and intuitive experience. The new system allows museum staff to create dynamic crisis scenarios and includes capabilities for remote participation, providing an immersive glimpse into high-stakes government decision-making.

Another upcoming Presidential project to keep an eye out for is The People’s House: A White House Experience by Ralph Appelbaum and Associates (RAA) and Cortina Productions, opening in Fall 2024. 

Through these projects, our SEGD members are demonstrating the power of innovative storytelling to connect us with our nation’s history and inspire future generations. Join us in celebrating their incredible work!

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