Celebrate our 50th by supporting SEGD today!

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Commit to the future of SEGD today! To honor SEGD’s 50th Anniversary, we have kick started unique opportunities for you to celebrate SEGD by supporting our educational initiatives throughout 2023 and beyond, including, a new membership management system, a new website, and a 50th Anniversary celebration Conference in Washington D.C.

$50 for 50

Support SEGD by contributing $50 for 50 in honor of SEGD’s 50th Anniversary. 

Have another amount in mind? Support SEGD by contributing any amount to SEGD’s 50th Anniversary initiatives. As a non-profit organization, any contribution level is valued and positively impacts all initiatives at SEGD.

SEGD 50th Foundation

The SEGD 50th Foundation is a collective of up to 50 individuals and organizations. It will bring together Fellows, founding members and the next generation of change-makers all with the purpose of shaping our field of experience design and continuing to redefine what it means to create experiences that connect people to place. 

“For over fifty years SEGD has been a profound and groundbreaking design partner for generations of global visionaries. To celebrate this landmark anniversary the SEGD is creating the 50th Foundation. It is the opportunity to build on the amazing evolutions of the last fifty years and prepare the experiential design world for an exciting future.”  – Patrick Gallagher, FSEGD, Founder G&A and Chair of our SEGD 50th Foundation.

Join our inaugural SEGD 50th Foundation members; Rich Burns, FSEGD, Pentagram, RSM Design, Archetype, C&G Partners, and Nanolumens. Learn more about becoming a founding member of the SEGD 50th Foundation

SEGD Volunteers

Can’t donate? Our volunteers are amazing assets to SEGD and we value their contributions of time and efforts towards a range of SEGD initiatives.  Email us at segd@segd.org to learn how you get involved with the SEGD website development, support conference efforts, or additional endeavors for this 50th anniversary!