Careers in Experiential Design: Virtual Job Fair

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It’s summertime! Things are opening back up and people are out and about. This includes jobs opening back up, around every corner now you see a “we’re hiring” sign. SEGD wants to help! So our Membership committee came up with, the first ever, SEGD virtual career fair roundtable called “Careers in Experiential Design.”

“This past year has highlighted the important role of SEGD as a connector between individuals looking to advance their careers and many design studios finding themselves overwhelmed with work but needing more team members to get the work done. Our hope is that this new event will provide more exposure for new and seasoned designers to meet with diverse studios looking for the right talent to support their projects.” Cybelle Jones, CEO, SEGD

Coming to a screen near you on Tuesday, July 28, Careers in Experiential Design will bring job candidates together with firms small, medium and large. Candidates will be put into groups of three. Employers will visit with each candidate group for 10 minutes. The participating employers will introduce themselves, their firm and what positions they are looking to fill. Candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and ask questions. The entire fair will last for approximately 2 hours.

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If you have been struggling to find the right staff for your project team, or are looking for a change in your career, this event is for you!  Sign up now and hold your spot.

“We are excited to help connect our firm leaders looking to hire with candidates that are passionate about careers in the field of Experiential Graphic Design.” – Kris Helmick