Bosses: Send Your Employees to 2019 SEGD Business and Leadership

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As an employer, numerous opportunities cross your desk and in all the chaos, it can be challenging and time-consuming to sift through which programs and events are worth their value in money. However, we’ve made it easy for you.

Besides the obvious, and frankly general answer, “you want your employees to develop business and leadership skills,” here’s why you want your employees to attend the 2019 SEGD Business and Leadership event in Chicago on April 26:

Attendees will enjoy a full day of practical first-hand learning centered on leading a successful experiential graphic design practice and developing the skill set required for starting and running a design business in the context of today’s economic cycle. (Translation: Promoting employees and dolling out greater responsibility will become less of a gamble. Hint, hint, this means you can afford to take a vacation and leave matters in the capable hands of your business-savvy staff.)

With speakers both outside and within experiential graphic design, your employees will learn the fundamentals of what it takes to help grow a business. Skills such as finding the right clients for your firm; managing clients, budgets and teams; pricing and fees. View the full agenda here! (Worried if they’ve had the necessary basic training? Don’t. This event will provide a strong foundation.)

And hey, maybe you could use a refresher course as well!

You’ll gain valuable insight on how to manage and retain top talent, build new partnerships, expand organizational structures and position your firm to lead the industry.

Bottom line: Send your employees to Business and Leadership. Then send yourself.

Provide your staff members with a solid foundation (through SEGD Business and Leadership) from which they can learn and develop professional skills to make them more efficient, more productive and more strategic.

April 26 is a month away. Don’t wait. Register TODAY!

The 2019 SEGD Business and Leadership event is sponsored by Tru Vue.