Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022 nominations Open

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Nominate your influencer today and celebrate
innovation and creativity within our museums and cultural attractions.

Blooloop, in association with Barco, a world-leading technology company focusing on innovative visualization solutions, is pleased to announce that nominations for the Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022 are now open.

This is the third year of the Museum Influencer List, and it recognises and celebrates the work and influence of key individuals within the sector.

(Nominate for 2022 here. See the list from 2021 here).

Creativity and resilience

Lieven Bertels is Segment Marketing Manager, IX – Themed Entertainment at Barco.

He says: “The disruptive learning opportunity provided by the Covid pandemic might have been uninvited and unexpected, but many cultural and entertainment organizations have yet again shown that creativity and resilience are part of their DNA.

“Whether as part of a digital transition, or in exploring new ways of communicating with a wider community base, many organizations are increasingly looking at innovative image technologies including immersive video environments, projection mapping and virtual or augmented reality content, and Barco is here to support them.

“As a global market leader in projection and LED technology, Barco is proud to support the Blooloop50 Influencer List, ready to help shape brighter outcomes for creatives and their audiences.”

Charles Read, MD of blooloop, says: “Post-pandemic, museums and cultural attractions are changing. There is a greater focus on story telling, and technology continues to become integrated into the museum experience. Old buildings have been reimagined, allowing the creation of hybrid spaces and the delivery of new experiences and functions, and museums increasingly reflect and engage with a diverse and complex society. As an authoritative voice on major issues such as climate change, there is a deeper relationship with the visitor and with the museum’s online community.

We want this list to shine a spotlight on the work of 50 people who are influential in the sector. They could be front of house, operations, design, management, technology, marketing, architecture or any other discipline. They should be bringing about change and making a real impact.”

Nominations now open

A panel of industry experts will judge all of the nominations submitted by blooloop readers. The final 50 List will showcase people who have demonstrated creativity and are driven to effect real change within the sector.

To complete the Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List, we need our readers to nominate anyone you believe deserves recognition. The most nominated people will then be considered by our judging panel.

Each nomination will be judged entirely on merit, irrespective of location, job title or employer.

You may nominate as many different people as you like. You may even nominate yourself. However, you cannot nominate the same person more than once.

Nominations close 18th September.