2022 SEGD Xlab: Stepping into the Next Frontier of Digital

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The 2022 SEGD Xlab event is NEXT WEEK! Leading up to the event we are featuring our spectacular speakers to give you a sneak peek into what you will hear at the event this year. Read on to meet some of the thought-provoking speakers and a little insight into what they will be speaking about.

Xlab will occur on Friday, October 14 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY. This event is renowned as the event to explore the leading edge of storytelling design. This year focuses on learning how designers are stepping into the next frontier of digital via AR, VR, Web3, the Metaverse and NFTS.

Session 4 of Xlab is titled Is AR the Key to Reshaping our Cultural Institutions? This session will feature Abigail Honor (founding partner) and Jean-Pierre Dufresne (head of marketing) of Lorem Ipsum, an experience design agency that integrates physical and digital design to deliver dynamic and connected experiences. Lorem Ipsum is an SEGD Global Design Award-winning firm with projects such as Yamal: Warmth of the Artic, The Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky, and Rostov-on-Don Platov International Airport

Technology is a tool with limitless potential to enhance and improve experiences in design. Now more than ever, cutting-edge technology like augmented reality is available at our fingertips merging the physical and digital worlds. As designers, we have the power to use AR and transform our field beyond recognition.

However, AR is a constantly evolving medium; looking at how far it has come since its inception in 1992, Abigail and Jean-Pierre will discuss how AR broadens the type of possible experiences within the museum context. By exploring Lorem Ipsum’s recent projects in this field and current trends, they will showcase how advances in technology when paired with successful experience design will continue to profoundly impact our cultural experiences. 

Following this session will be “Beyond Science Lessons, Towards Science Experiences,” focusing on two interactives from the recently opened MIT Museum. This session features Ben Bojko (Bluecadet), David Nuñez (MIT Museum), and José-Luis Vidalón (Studio Joseph) and moderated by Bluecadet Founder Josh Goldblum.

In this session, a cross-disciplinary team will provide a framework for designing powerful science-centered experiences that spark visitor curiosity, resist singular interpretations, and create space for discovery. Presenters will focus on two interactives from the recently opened MIT Museum as case studies on using technology to explain technology, and similarly, how exhibit designers/curators can create a physical representation of an abstract concept.

For more insight into the new MIT Museum, check out this recent article based on The Window, a community wall. This interactive allows real individuals to contribute to representing the voice and people of MIT. As people input data the technology behind this interactive creates “elements” based on different qualities submitted by the individuals. Giving a unique perspective and constantly refreshing view into MIT. Read more about The Window here.

After a short break, the Xlab programming will resume Friday afternoon with a Keynote Session titled, Stepping Into the Digital Frontier. During this session, Chris Moore (Electrosonic) and Mike Pell (Microsoft Garage) will have an informative discussion of real-world approaches to the new digital frontier. 

Chris Moore has had many different roles in the industry with over 20 years of experience. From Creative Designer to Engineer, to Programmer, and Consultant across arts and entertainment, brand, and retail, corporate, hospitality, healthcare, mixed-use, sports, and more. Chris uses his creativity, passion, and technical skills to support clients on the path from conception to completion. He is passionate about the ability of technology to tell stories and bring people together.

Bold, insightful, and uncompromising, Mike Pell is an unapologetic disrupter, having spent over three decades pushing the tech industry’s boundaries well past innovative design and technologies into the realm of true breakthroughs. Today, many of those world-changing breakthroughs are embedded in our everyday lives – such as creating Adobe Acrobat and PDF (1990), pioneering the first version of the web-based Metaverse (1995), creating the WYSIWYG Font menu (1985), and designing early Smartphone experiences (2002).

Chris and Mike will be answering the question, What opportunities do the metaverse, blockchain, and web3 offer the experience design industry and how do we best utilize these resources for creative collaboration?

Electrosonic will also be sponsoring a tour of One Vanderbilt and a Mixer at the Gagosian Art Gallery which are only available to 2022 SEGD Branded Environments and Xlab attendees. Once you register you will receive an email invitation to register for the tour and mixer.

So what are you waiting for? These spectacular sessions are less than a week away! So secure your spot today and meet us in New York on October 13 and 14!

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