2022 SEGD Voices 01 – Wayfinding Lessons Learned

Read Time: 2 minutes

The critical path for any wayfinding project from conception to final sign off of the punch list, can be riddled with lack of communication, scope creep which ultimately impacts price, schedule and design integrity. Being prepared at the onset of the project to foresee obstacles and take advantage of the collaborative spirit to ensure clear communication is critical to a projects success.

This SEGD Voices, S.K. Rao, Senior Vice-President of Color-Ad, Inc. will share “lessons learned” from a combined 60 years experience, as a national leader in custom wayfinding signage. Topics will include learnings to help educate your clients and improve design outcomes through the budgeting, pre-bid, submittal and installation phases.

Discussion topics to be covered:

  1. Avoiding potential loopholes/ambiguities in scope
  2. Solutions based feedback strategies
  3. Strategies for early pricing, VE and budget refinement
  4. Logistics and coordination 

Join us for an honest conversation to share knowledge and processes to add value and strategic tools for your next Wayfinding project.

This SEGDVoices session will be held on Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 1:00 pm ET | 10:00 am PT. Sign up now to be a part of the conversation – SEGD members are FREE!



Color-Ad is a National Leader in large scale custom architectural signage, wayfinding programs, and environmental graphics. Our focus is on projects across the country and beyond.  Color-Ad’s primary focus is in two sectors of the market: Interpretive exhibits and wayfinding signage (including architectural signs or branded environments).  For this particular webinar, the focus will be on wayfinding and not exhibit fabrication.  As far as the wayfinding, Color-Ad provides product to various market and business segments, including airports, colleges, interior/ exterior retail, hospitals, civic/municipalities, and various other markets. 

Color-Ad has learned a multitude of lessons in our 60 years from these projects.  We wanted to create this informative webinar to strategically communicate the lessons learned. These lessons have proven to be valuable to the design world and at the same time, provide value to Color-Ad in turn.