2021 SEGD Achievement Awards Call for Nominations

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It is that time of year again! SEGD is seeking nominations for the 2021 Achievement Awards.

The Achievement Award winners constitute SEGD’s commitment to excellence in our field of practice. Since 1987, SEGD has recognized individuals, companies and institutions whose work significantly advances the environmental and experiential graphic design fields.

The Achievement Awards define the highest standards of practice in the following categories:

– Fellow Award
– Distinguished Member Award
– Arrow Award
– Insight Award
– Educator Award
– Chapter Chair Award

The SEGD Achievement Awards Committee reviews and votes on the nominees in each of the above categories. This year’s committee Chair is SEGD Board Member Lucy Holmes of Holmes-Studio in London, UK.

“SEGD has been instrumental in my design journey, through the people I have met and the work I have seen and been inspired by.” said Holmes in a recent interview. “I am honoured to Chair the Achievement Awards for 2021 which recognise individuals and organisations who we have made an extraordinary contribution.”

It’s important to nominate your outstanding EGD peers for recognition!  Submit your nomination online or email Jennette Foreman at jennette@segd.org (with “SEGD Achievement Awards” in the subject line) by Friday, January 29, 2021*.

For email submissions, please include:
•       Nominee Name, Website/LinkedIn & Contact information
•       SEGD Award Title
•       Reason for Nomination (300 – 500 words)

*Currently, the SEGD Fellow Award criteria and nomination process is undergoing updates via a committee including former SEGD Fellows and SEGD Board members. The updating selection criteria for the SEGD Fellow will be posted on the website in early 2021, therefore the deadline for nominations for that award have been extended to March 1, 2021.

Speaking of Achievement Awards! Keep an eye open for the 2020 SEGD Annual Publication, which is mailed to all SEGD members. The publication includes all 2020 Achievement Award winners and Global Design Award winners. In the meantime, please see the descriptions of each award category and the list of last year’s award winners:

SEGD Fellow Award
For promoting the highest values in environmental and/or experiential graphic design and significantly contributing to the direction and growth of the field. SEGD Fellows are the laureates of environmental and/or experiential graphic design, recognized for creating a body of work that epitomizes the highest standards of practice in the field.

2020 Winner: Edwin Schlossberg


SEGD Distinguished Member Award
For demonstrating outstanding volunteer efforts while significantly contributing to the direction, growth, and excellence of SEGD programs. Recipients of the Distinguished Member Award have been instrumental in cultivating university EGD programs, advancing accessible and green design, and promoting cultural agenda through design.

2020 Winner: Anthony Ferrara, Owner/Creative Director, Design Ferrara


SEGD Golden Arrow Award
For extraordinary service to SEGD and the field of EGD. Recipients of the Gold Arrow have made large and long-term contributions to the strength of SEGD as leaders of their organizations, icons in the field, or supporters of SEGD’s goals.

[2020 Winner: Ann Makowski]


SEGD Arrow Award
For demonstrating exemplary service or dedication to advancing technologies and manufacturing in environmental graphic design, and striving to provide the highest quality in products and services to the field. Recipients of the Arrow Award have advanced new manufacturing processes, led the development of pioneering new products, and championed sustainable practices and materials.

2020 Winner: 22MILES


SEGD Insight Award
For consistently commissioning environmental graphic design programs that significantly enhance or promote opportunities for the field and environmental graphic design education, and demonstrating a long-standing commitment to recognize the field. Recipients of the Insight Award are the visionary design clients behind years of outstanding museum exhibits, innovative hospital wayfinding systems, and rewarding partnerships between architects, developers, and designers.

[2019 Winner: NYCEDC]


SEGD Educator Award
For demonstrating innovation in the theory and practice of design education that not only integrates the needs of the industry but serves to advance the field. Recipients of the SEGD Educator Award foster the development of the next generation of designers through creative and innovative curriculum as well as the promotion of forward thinking research and scholarship in the field.

2020 Winner: Joell Angel-Chumbley


SEGD Chapter Chair Award
For outstanding volunteer efforts while significantly contributing to the direction, growth, strength and excellence of SEGD Chapters both locally and throughout the organization.

2020 Winner: Zach Kotel, Denver Chapter