2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Need-to-Know

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Excitement and curiosity may be taking over, but before we reveal the winners tomorrow, make sure you’ve got some basic knowledge about the Design Awards in your back pocket.

1. There are seven categories that are recognized in the SEGD Global Design Awards—all of which are EGD practice areas:

  • Digital Experience Content
  • Exhibitions
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Placemaking and Identity
  • Public Installations
  • Strategy/Research/Planning
  • Wayfinding

Each category is likely to have various winning projects within it—two of which will include the Best of Show and Sylvia Harris Awards. Which project category will yield this year’s Best of Show? Don’t be last to know! 

2. There were nine multidisciplinary designers who made up the 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury. These industry mavens spent days filtering through hundreds of project submissions and finally named this year’s winning projects. You’ll definitely want to know these names going into the ceremony!

2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Jurors:

  • Traci Sym, Principal, 2020 SEGD Board Member, plus & greater than (Portland)
  • Darlene van Uden, Design Director, Infinite Scale (Salt Lake City)
  • Inguna Elere, Co-founder and Lead Designer, Design Studio H2E (Riga, Latvia) and Best of Show winner in the 2019 SEGD Global Design Awards
  • Joe Lawton, Managing Director, Media Objectives (Chicago)
  • Bosco Hernandez, Design Director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (San Francisco)
  • Cynthia Jones Parks, President and CEO, Jones Worley Design (Atlanta)
  • Jonathan Jackson, Partner and Designer, WSDIA | WeShouldDoItAll (Brooklyn)
  • Chad Hutson, Co-founder and CEO, 2020 SEGD Board Member, Leviathan (Chicago)
  • Nadia Tran, Graphic Designer, CORE Design Studio (Houston)

Throughout the evening, you’ll be hearing from our esteemed jurors and even get a chance to meet them and ask questions during the after-parties!


3. There are four themed after-parties from which participants can choose to attend:

  • Dance Party, with Jill Ayers
  • Beer Garden Portland Vibe, with Kathy Fry
  • Techno Chill, with Bryan Meszaros
  • Millennium Zone

Come for the winners reveal, stay for the party! Kick back and join the conversation as we launch four after-parties that are sure to spark interests and inspiration while giving you access to our 2020 award-winners and jurors!

After-parties will run from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. EDT, but only registered participants will be sent links to the after-parties, so sign up for FREE today!


4. There were a total of 30 winners selected for this year’s SEGD Global Design Awards, but that’s all we can offer for now!

Tune in tomorrow, July 9, from 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. EDT for the pre-party kickoff that will run straight into the virtual 2020 SEGD Global Design Awards Ceremony, from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. EDT, with after-parties launching from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. EDT!

Put your name on the guest list for FREE today!

Special thanks to CRĒO Industrial Arts for sponsoring this momentous occasion!