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Shenzhen Graphic Design Association

Project Vision

X exhibition is an international juried graphic design exhibition, located in the loft of a creative park in Shenzhen, China. Commissioned to create a graphic identity for the show that could take the form of semi-permanent promotional installations placed around the city prior to the event, SenseTeam (Shenzhen) was inspired by the idea of spreading the creative energy and electricity of the exhibition and its young, up-and-coming designers.

SenseTeam created a modular typographic system using “light characters”–30cm, 60cm, and 90cm lighting tubes that were combined to create words and pictograms. The resulting signage and branding “posters” were deployed around the city prior to the show, creating significant buzz about the upcoming event. They were also installed at the exhibition itself, helping to illuminate the gallery space and visually organize the exhibition.

The exhibition experience combined music, video, and the glowing 3D/environmental pieces, enriching the display of work by 11 young designers from five countries. The use of light symbolized the creative energy of the artists as well as the city of Shenzhen.

Project Details
An incredible value and treatment on a minimal fabrication and installation budget, this project really gets a lot for a little. A dazzling display and message incorporated throughout the space to invoke the creativity of the exhibitors.
Juror 1
Elevating the simple to inspiring is the mark of genius. This. Is. Genius.
Juror 2
Design Team

Hei Yiyang (creative director); Yvonne Zhong (project manager); Wang Xiaomeng, Zhaomeng, Liu Zhao, Huang Muqiu (designers)

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