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Women’s Support & Community Services

Project Vision

Women’s Support & Community Services Donor Wall

A non-profit organization dedicated to aiding abused women commissioned this donor wall commemorating contributors to their capital campaign fund. In a building with no significant architectural features, an exterior donor wall adds interest and attracts attention to the qualities that the organization upholds. To make the quilt a unique, memorable, and permanent element, fine metals were specified. Brushed stainless steel is the grid or “stitching” and bronze (with eight different patinas) and various stainless steel mesh patterns are the “patchwork fabric” of the quilt. The donor names are engraved into the bronze patchwork pieces and patina colors differentiate the eight donation levels. The finished quilt, measuring six feet square, is suspended at the main entry of the building in front of a large window. At night, the donor wall has a transparent effect when light from the window can be seen through the stainless mesh.

Project Details
This is a very refined, artful example of a donor wall inspired by the notion of a quilt representing protection, comfort, and community to women in need. The wall cleverly combines various stainless steel mesh patterns in what becomes the patchwork fabric. Donors' names are engraved on bronze patchwork pieces. The placement of the piece makes use of natural light to emphasize its transparency. The construction and detailing of the panel is excellent.
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Design Team

Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt, Deborah Beckett (Art Directors); Kathy Miller (Designer)

Design Firm

Kuhlmann Leavitt, Inc.


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