Viega Interactive Learning Center



Practice Area


Viega, USA

Project Vision

Viega, a global leader in plumbing and heating technology, wanted to update the product showroom at their training facility in New Hampshire. Approximately 4,000 visitors would use room annually, but the audience wasn’t easy to define. It wasn’t enough to understand that freshwater is supplied and wastewater is drained, Matrex had to have a crash course in plumbing science so they could effectively harness and promote Viega’s unique value proposition.

Next the team worked hand-in-hand with product managers of different plumbing and heating systems to brainstorm and sketch out the installations and products they felt best represented their business priorities. They evaluated whether the best visual tool was physical (toilets flushing or sinks draining), digital (a look inside the walls) or a combination of both. 

A total of 19 experiences showcase the best of Viega across all industries and reinforce the company’s industry innovation and leadership. Matrex developed interactive programming that would be appropriate to laymen, students and experts. Depending on the level of interest and skill, different modules could be selected (on the digital monitor of each vignette) to display straightforward product information, detailed descriptions of the various parts as well as the system specifications and fluid dynamics for each real-life situation.

Matrex also designed an artificial intelligence program that can detect any problems in the vignettes and trigger an auto shutdown and auto-restart of the program. It’s basically a “life support machine” that will jump start the technology when necessary. It provides a minimally invasive solution that corrects 90% of potential issues.

Project Details
Design Team

Dave Tester (engagement strategy), Tom Macek (lead design), Robert Krejci (2D design), Andrew Lemus (3D design), Eric LeFeber (interactive design), Kevin Bennett (multimedia designer), Michael DoBartolo (interactive production), Adam Norbut (IT)

Design Firm


Project Area

1,500 sq ft


NorthPoint Construction (installation)