Vespa Exhibit


Laurie Tappen, Stephanie Salerno, Sara Leventhal, Drexel University

Practice Area


Drexel University

Project Vision

The assignment was to plan an exhibit environment and to develop a section for that environment. The chosen theme was Vespa, an icon of modern freedom, celebrating its 60th anniversary. The shaping of the space was designed to reflect the signature contours of a Vespa. The story is told around the perimeter, incorporating some interactive elements, and uses the center area as a gallery featuring Vespas on pedestals of varying heights. The walls surrounding the center gallery are of a height that allows for sightlines across the exhibit space and have breaks that allow a visitor easy access at many points.

“New Realities of Pop Culture” was the developed area. “Bikes and Brits: The Mod Years” introduces the section and directs the visitor toward “Vespa in Hollywood” and “Advertising,” which face each other with a case of Vespa paraphernalia between them. The section ends with an interactive Hollywood counter where visitors can select movie footage to view while enjoying comfortable seating on a Vespa.

Project Details
An excellent effort was made to communicate the exhilaration of the times and the influence of this icon. Visitors are provided context for the Vespa's influence on popular culture by placing them in different eras and situations where they can truly feel the enthusiasm of the times. The design is clean, sleek, and simple with a certain panache – not unlike the machine itself.
Juror 1
Design Firm

Laurie Tappen, Stephanie Salerno, Sara Leventhal, Drexel University


Jody Graff (instructor)