University of North Texas University Union


University of North Texas

Project Vision

As a key component in rejuvenating student life on the University of North Texas campus, the newly expanded and highly renovated University Union is part of a larger vision for the transformation of the main campus of UNT. Through development of brand experience elements, the University Union celebrates UNT traditions and culture, inspiring excellence, acknowledging accomplishments of students, alumni and faculty and educating visitors and potential recruits. To establish a sense of pride and purpose, a three-dimensional representational sculpture of the university’s values encompass a three-story atrium space. This anchors the passage through the environment and strengthens students’ commitment to the school. To support the need for flexible and changeable communications, a communications “template” was established. This template is formed of large scale environmental graphics, dimensional panels, printed images and targeted messages. Subjects include Alumni Success Stories, University Research Initiatives, UNT History, Achievements, UNT traditions, and a look into the future. The school fight song is embedded in the terrazzo floor, and quotes from key university leaders are applied to conference room glass in meaningful locations. The student union renovation and expansion is a powerful transformation of a “concrete bunker” into a welcoming beacon of student life. Located at the heart of campus, this dynamic and engaging building has become both the crossroads of campus activity, and, a new campus “front door” for university visitors. With a welcoming exterior expression that embraces the University’s historic legacy and celebrates its aspirational vision, the student union is organized as a direct reflection of the 21st century student experience.

Project Details
Design Team

Eileen Jones (Design Principal), Richard Miller (Managing Principal), Kimberly Richter (Design Manager), Kay Lee (Project Manager), Dwight Burns (Project Manager), Ingrid Aboujaoude (Project Architect), David Sheehan (Interior Designer), Cary Lancaster (Project Designer), Vance Cheatam (Project Designer), Geoff Burroughs (Project Designer), Pamela Steiner (Brand Strategy), Jeff Stebar (Student Union Specialist)

Project Area

313,000 sq ft