University of Canterbury Temporary Hoarding

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University of Canterbury


Project Vision

Christchurch suffered a series of earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, causing loss of life and widespread damage to the city. The University of Canterbury’s campus was acutely affected, triggering remediation works to many buildings and a new building program. This meant that many students would complete their whole time at the University while much of the campus was a building site. The University wanted to keep the changing environment looking vibrant and welcoming for students, staff and visitors to the large and complex campus. Journey routes were to constantly change while various buildings were decommissioned, reopened or built. The construction hoardings, used to hide from view the building works, were designed by Diadem to be used as a canvas to activate and vitalize the campus. They were also considered as an opportunity to provide information about the buildings, timelines of the build and facility information, as well as underlining the University brand values and conveying a sense of optimism of the future. It was important that Diadem’s design was adaptable to be readily moved to different locations on site. The scope also sought to identify and activate hoarded areas that may have created dark, tunnel-like thoroughfares. To accommodate the ever-changing routes imposed by the redevelopment works, a suite of temporary signage structures were designed. Gabion structures are filled with rocks, which can be moved from location to location as required. A graphic system of multiple arrow shapes and consistent typography was developed, which are applied to the gabions or hoardings. The design is based on simple economical ideas that provide maximum impact, and engage current and future students.

Project Details
Design Team

Brett Gosbell and Mark Janetzki (design), Mark Ambrosini (design and documention), Brian Anderson (account service)

Project Area

9,365,400 sq ft