Universal Citywalk


Sussman/Prejza & Company

Practice Area


Universal Creative, Orlando


Project Vision

Streetscape Elements and Tenant Designs at Universal Citywalk

An inventive series of hybrid streetscape elements and tenant identity designs sets a lively and unusually sophisticated tone for the public spaces of a new tropical resort entertainment district at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. The design strategy of focusing and articulating urban spaces from sets of freestanding streetscape elements is conceptually noteworthy as is the refreshingly abstract, yet place-specific design language that provides a strong “civic” presence and clean-lined counterpoint to the theming of the context. Substantially integrating architectural, graphic, lighting, and urban design, the varied sets of elements range in scale from the monumental to the intimate.

Project Details
A highly energized environment organized through the use of contemporary signage, lighting, innovative landmarks, and forms. The contemporary vernacular of an entertainment zone works very well compared to the main street or historical reinterpretation typical for this venue.
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Design Team

Deborah Sussman (Principal in Charge), John Johnston, Angela Lam, Julius Bhang, Joy Sih, Robert Chacko, Paula Loh, Paul Nagakura, John Colter, Paul Novacek, Jeeun Kim

Design Firm

Sussman/Prejza & Company


Kaplan Lighting, Lightswitch


Peter Carlson, Architectural Graphics