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Chick-fil-A Design, ai3, Orange Sparkle Ball, Miller Zell

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Project Vision

Truett’s Chick-fil-A is a is a casual, family-friendly restaurant serving a southern-inspired menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner; it also acts as a lab to create new menu items, service models and guest experiences. Truett’s has a drive-thru, a dining room with full waitress service, and a self-serve dining room with walk-up counter ordering, take-out and mobile pick-up. This mix of ways to get Chick-fil-A are reflective of Truett’s vision: “Three meals a day at Chick-fil-A.”

The intent is not to create a museum or time capsule, but rather an authentically fresh experience that tells the story today.

Features include a train synchronized with a map mural; as the train passes by, key historical locations and events are highlighted by red lights and a train whistle. A little red door provides guests young and old with a whimsical entry to the restaurant; generations of guests have fond memories of using the little door at the original Dwarf Grill. Photographs capturing Truett having fun match up with custom printed tabletops that prompt either inspirational or humorous stories that team members can tell and are part of how they greet and engage guests at the tables.

Social Media opportunities are found throughout, with guests greeted by a bronze statue of Truett. Red wagons are tied to the very early days when Truett sold Coca Cola from a wagon door to door. Timeless inspirational quotes are placed throughout the restaurant and serve as encouragement for all. Hand-painted logos show the Chick-fil-A logo through the years. Furniture throughout the dining rooms is inspired by Truett’s love of automobiles and anything transportation related; stitching and fabrics are reflective of car seats.

This is an inspiring environment for guests and team members as well as a sales tool. Guests embraced their new restaurant, sales are exceeding goals and operational performance scores met the six-month projection after one week.

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Design Firm

Chick-fil-A Design, ai3, Orange Sparkle Ball, Miller Zell

Project Area

6,400 sq ft

Project Budget

$4,000,000 US